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Printable Cleaning Checklist

Printable Cleaning Checklist

This post is sponsored by RAYCOP. All opinions are my own. Be sure to get your printable cleaning checklist below!

Printable Cleaning ChecklistI’ll be the first to admit that I am NOT a clean freak. I want to be a clean freak. I really do. I love a clean house and find it hard to function when the clutter and dog hair and dust start to take over. But the logistics of getting/keeping a clean house can be kind of overwhelming.

All that said. we have one kid with pretty severe allergies and two pets. So that means, by default, that I have to be diligent about keeing a cleaner environment…both for my kid and for my own sanity. 

But when I have company (which we have a lot of during the holiday season!), I’m a totally different person. The house needs to shine. It needs to be clean from every angle. Floors need to shine. Counterops need to reflect. Linens need to be fresh.

The RAYCOP RS2 purifier literally takes cleanliness to a whole new level. A handheld vacuum with a HEPA filter, ultraviolet light technology and three operating modes, the RAYCOP RS2 is an easy and fast way to sanitize any fabric surface in your home. 

RAYCOP REVIEWHere are some places we use ours:

  • Dog beds (they’re so gross…with the RAYCOP, we can clean them regularly without having to take them apart and throw them in the laundry, which is a total pain!)
  • Couch (it’s just easier to clean all the dog hair off with the RAYCOP than with our traditional vacuum)
  • Mattresses and blankets (after one minute of cleaning, the RAYCOP removes 99.8% of pollen…that’s a big deal during allergy season)

RAYCOP REVIEWThe patented RayClean Technology® eliminates common allergens and pollutants. It also picks up 99.99% of bacteria after just two seconds.



RAYCOP REVIEWThe RAYCOP is super handy for last-minute vacuum jobs, unexpected messes, and adding that final, extra-clean touch to any of your fabric surfaces. It’s not nearly as cumbersome as my regular vacuum…and it does a much better job on these tricky surfaces! 

While it’s technically a vacuum you can hold with one hand, it has a few key differences from the hand-held vacuum you’re probably thinking of! The RS2 is super sturdy and stout, and it’s designed to lay perfectly flat on the surface of any fabric. This gives it a better ability to sterilize, suck up the dust and dirt, and filter.

The three settings are determined by the type of the fabric you’re cleaning: “heavy” for mattresses and coarse upholstery (I use this setting for our futon, which our dogs think is their bed), “normal” for bed linens (this is what we use for the actual dog beds), and “light” for delicate fabrics and clothing (most likely, we’ll use this setting to clean off the curtains we’ve had hiding in a closet for years and are about to put up in my son’s room). 

Unlike a regular vacuum, RAYCOP purifiers have a dual filtration system incorporating a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter which is proven to capture 99.9% of common allergens. 

You can learn more about the RAYCOP – and the science behind it – here.

Buy your own RAYCOP purifier today here.

And if you’re like me, and need all the help you can get when it comes to cleaning, I’ve got a free printable cleaning checklist for you. Use this to write down everything you need to clean (perfect when preparing for guests!). There’s also a place to keep track of things you need to buy (either cleaning supplies or things you discover as you’re cleaning) and a place for your notes, too.

You can download your free printable cleaning checklist below.

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Printable Cleaning ChecklistAND! This is awesome. I’m giving away a RAYCOP LITE (MSRP of $189.99) to one lucky reader.

The RAYCOP LITE is RAYCOP’s most portable and versatile purifier, but it’s powerful enough for most sanitizing jobs. It’s handy size makes it appropriate for the same jobs as the RAYCOP RS2, but also great for cleaning throw pillows and upholstery. I love that you can whip this out to clean up a mess or freshen up your curtains or dog beds and not have to do laundry. It’s perfect for use on delicate surfaces like clothes, and it can be used to sanitize yoga mats!

I feel like I’m always doing laundry…the RAYCOP is a great way to cut back on laundry, meaning you’re saving water and electricty…while purifying parts of your home at the same time. The RAYCOP LITE also comes with a HEPA filter and UV technology.

You must be 18+ and live in the United Stated to win. Winner has 48 hours to respond to email notification or another winner will be picked. Good luck!

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My mattress, my sofa, my ottoman and so much really!!

3 Kids, which means many friends over all the time. Plus animals OMG

With 2 dogs in the house, I’d love to purify my living room furniture and bedding.

I’d love this for my mattresses, couch, recliner, and rocking chair. Thanks. 🙂

This sounds really useful! I’d be excited to try this out on my daughters mattresses, and their pillows! I feel like I am constantly replacing pillows because they smell. Stick them in the washer and they come out all lumpy. This purifier would save me money! I also have two dogs and they get new beds all this time…I have a good feeling I need this in my life!!

I would love to use this on my couches!

little accidents from little ones who are pottytraining

We have two cats that come in sometimes, so this would really help.

I will clean my new granddaughter room.

Looks a lot easier and more effective than the vacuum.

I am excited about purifying for my son’s room!
Thank You for the chance

My couch!

I’m most excited about purifying our couch’s that was bought new when our boys where newborn & almost 1 but our boys and nieces have killed them.

Definitely would use on my couch!

Would love to try this on my couches,mattresses and any other place that would benefit!

Between my kids and cats I c9God use this for my mattress and couch and chair.

Really nice write up Carrie!
Thank you.

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