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Gifts for Kids Who Love Horses

Gifts for Kids Who Love Horses

If there is one thing I feel qualified to talk about alllll day long and would consider myself a legit expert in, it’s horses. I mean, I’m obsessed now…but you should have seen me as a kid. I was that crazy kid who thought, breathed, slept, and lived horses. I devoured The Encyclopedia of the Horse. I can name a horse breed that starts with every letter of the alphabet (except Z, but there’s a zebra for that). I was constantly in trouble with my teachers for doodling horse, and I literally read every horse book in both my elementary AND middle school libraries.

And if you’re here, you probably know a kid like that.

You have it on good authority that the information here is true, reliable, and destined to please the horse-loving kid in your life. Mostly the ones aged 10-14 or so. 😉

Gifts for Horse Lovers

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  1. The Saddle Club book series. I read all of these book until I outgrew them, which was probably around book 50 or so. Start here, with the first book.
  2. Breyer model horses. I know…there are lots of toy horses out there. But I promise you, these are the real deal. Totally worth the extra money, and these are actual collector’s items.
  3. If you know a kid that takes english riding lessons, a colored crop is a fun riding accessory.
  4. Also great for kids taking lessons (any style)? Horse treats!
  5. The Black Stallion is a classic movie every horse lover should see. 
  6. Horse stickers!
  7. Paint Your Own Horse activity kits. I kind of want one for myself.
  8. A book about How to Draw Horses. This would be great with a sketchbook and some markers.
  9. Horse Stable Stamp Set (this goes great with the How to Draw Horses book).
  10. Wooden barn for model horses.
  11. Seabiscuit is another fantastic horse movie.
  12. Back in my day, I had posters on the wall. But these cute horse wall decals would have been way better!
  13. Riding lessons. When I was eight-years-old, I asked for riding lessons for m birthday (which is in December) and Christmas. Everyone I knew gave me money that year, but I specifically remember my dad giving me a card for my birthday with a note that said, “I hope this gets you closer to that first jump. Love Dad,” and a check for $40 (which went a lot farther in those days, ha). Riding lessons changed my life. They fulfilled my dreams. They answered my prayers. If you have a horse-crazy kid, don’t buy them a horse (because if you think lessons are expensive? Wait until you start doing the math on actual horse ownership). Buy them riding lessons.

Questions or need more ideas? I am SO happy to help! Leave a comment below (or email me).

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Be sure to check out these books for horse loving kids, too!

Horse Books for Kids


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This will be helpful for my niece who is obsessed with horses> great ideas!!

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