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Winter Wonderland Planner Stickers

Winter Wonderland Planner Stickers

When it comes to winter, Christmas decorations can often overtake everything else (and I am ok with that!). But sometimes maybe you want something beautiful that doesn’t just scream SANTA CLAUS, and that can be used for the rest of the winter season too.  I really love these elegant printable Winter Wonderland planner stickers because they *can* definitely give you a holiday vibe, but they can also just conjure images of a peaceful forest covered in a blanket of snow.


Winter Wonderland Planner Stickers

Putting fun or beautiful stickers in my planners serves two purposes for me. One, it keeps me motivated to keep using it, as I like to look at all the pretty pages. And two, honestly, they are an easy way to keep organized. Using the stickers helps me prioritize the items I want to pay attention to and not forget. Being organized and being creative can go hand in hand, and that helps me fulfill who I am.

You can use planner stickers for any purpose!

I do love putting stickers in my planner, but honestly, there are a lot of ways that these stickers can be used. A wall or desk calendar works really well with planner stickers! My daughter absolutely loves stickers, and she loves practicing her writing too, so she loves to stick them on pieces of paper and write about whatever is interesting to her at the moment. You can also use them as gift tags or decorations.

Just print them on sticker paper like this one. You can also read this article on how to print beautiful, pro-quality printables from your home printer.

Winter Wonderland Planner Stickers

Are there more planner stickers I can use?

We have a lot of planner sticker options because we love them and use them all the time! Here are some of my favorites, but you can also search the Carrie Elle site for planner stickers and find lots more.

You can download these printable Winter Wonderland stickers below.

And if you’re wondering what planner you should put them in, we have some great options in our Shop Carrie Elle store.

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