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Where to Stay in Corpus Christi: Lively Beach

Where to Stay in Corpus Christi: Lively Beach

Looking for a Lively Beach Promo Code? Use code CARRIEELLE for an extra 5% off the best available rate when booking online or through the Reservation Call Center. Enjoy! <3 

Growing up in San Diego county, I spent lots and lots of time at the beach. I would say my teenage summers revolved around mornings with my horse and afternoons at the beach, soaking up the sun (if I could do it all over again, I’d add sunscreen, though!). I miss the coast! A few weeks ago we visited Corpus Christi for the first time. We stayed at the best little condo on a private stretch of the beach. Today I want to share with you where to stay in Corpus Christi. You’ll want this destination on your radar if you have a trip planned!

We were hosted as part of a media event at the new resort, Lively Beach. I would 100% pay full price to stay at this resort, and probably will in the future – after this “private” beach experience in the height of summer, I’ve been completely spoiled and can’t imagine staying anywhere crowded!

Where to stay in Corpus Christi

Lively Beach is a resort condominium complex on Mustang Island. Lively Beach combines a sleek and modern upscale vibe with all the accomodations of home. You’ll feel secluded and surrounded by nature, but shopping and restaurants are literally a four minute drive away. 

The resort complex, which has a pool and a boardwalk that takes you right to the gulf, is tucked away off the main highway and surrounded by wetlands. The beach is just a short walk across the boardwalk. We visited in August, and it was so darn hot…but as soon as you cross the boardwalk and see the gulf, a fantastic breeze kicks in and the temp feels like it drops about ten degrees. Magic!

Where is Mustang Island?

Located on the gulf coast of Texas, Mustang Island is a barrier island that stretches from Corpus Christi to Port Aransas. It’s a popular spring break destination (honestly, I would avoid it during that time of year, which is usually the first couple weeks of March for Texas). It’s also a great place for familes. I haven’t seen all the beaches in Texas, I feel pretty certain that the beaches are Mustang Island are among the prettiest. Think white sand beaches and warm, green-blue water.

How long does it take to get to Mustang Beach from Dallas?

It was about a 7-hour drive from Dallas to Mustang Island.  

Lively Beach Condos

You can see videos of our Lively Beach condo in my Instagram stories here.

When we travel as a family, we usually gravitate towards places that have kitchens and a little space to spread out. We like to bring our own food when possible (here’s a whole post about how to meal plan when you travel – it can save you so much money!). The condo we stayed in had one bedroom, two bathrooms, a loft (with bunkbeds), and a third floor deck with a view of the gulf. It also had a perfect little kitchen with everything we needed to cook for ourselves at home, including a huge table. And did I mention the gorgeous view from the living area? It was like walking into a dream!

Everything is so pretty, clean, and beachy. We loved all the room we had. The kids were super excited to have their own space upstairs to relax in when we got back from the beach at night.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is a very secluded location. But CVS was less than minutes away (which was great because I forgot sunscreen and towels, of course). 

The Beach at Lively Beach

The beach is just a short walk across the boardwalk. What I was not expecting was soft, gorgeous, white sand and sunflowers on the beach. Texas, you can be such a dream sometimes! If you’ve ever been to the gulf, you probably know that as far as beautiful beaches go, it can be hit or miss. But the beaches along Corpus Christi, and this beach on Mustang Island, are so nice.

The beach is very secluded. We visited in August, while schools were still out of session, which should be a busy time. But I don’t think we had to share the beach with more than a handful of people. It felt like a truly private beach. We spent hours there every day, heading down to the water in the late afternoon and staying until it got dark. 

One thing we loved about this beach – it seemed like you could go out into the water so far. No big drop offs or anything crazy like that!

What to do in Corpus Christi

I have a whole blog post about what to do in Corpus Christi! We rode horses on the beach, visited the USS Lexington, and spent hours at the beach. We also went into Port Aransas for ice cream and dinner one night. If you like to fish, you’ll find fishing everywhere you turn. Most of the water we saw had someone fishing in it! 

I am officially putting Corpus Christi on my “Things You Must Do in Texas” list. And speaking of that, I have a whole collection of Texas getaways here – if you’re looking for somewhere else to visit in the Lonestar State, take a look!

You can find out more about Lively Beach and book a stay here.

Map thanks to Wanderlog, a road trip planner


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