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Washi Tape Storage Ideas

Washi Tape Storage Ideas

Washi tape is one of those things I can’t stop buying. Like scrapbook paper. And buttons. And books. And pens. And stickers. Kind of like all of those things.

Washi Storage


Unlike books, or stickers, or pens, though…washi can be a little trickier to store. I want it out where I can see it so I know what I have on hand. But I don’t want loose rolls of washi all over the house, because A) I’ll never find them when I need them, and B) Claire will hide them in her room. 

I finally figured out a solution that will hold my washi, but for washi hoarders, it might not be robust enough to hold an entire collection. I’ve put together a bunch of clever washi tape storage ideas below (and if you have a solution that you love, I’d love to hear it!).

Washi Tape Storage Ideas


  1. I made this crafting and planning station to store pens, washi tape, stickers and more. It works great for my current collection!
  2. I adore this pretty DIY washi tape holder (you’ll love how it’s framed!)
  3. Check out this DIY Washi Dispenser (and solve the problem of hard-to-unroll tape!)
  4. Upcycle an aluminum foil box into this cute dispenser.
  5. You don’t need to have crazy DIY skills for this…a simple storage box solution (this will probably be my next move).
  6. This washi wheel is gorgeous and looks so pretty when it’s full!
  7. Check out this fantastic idea, using a spool rack!
  8. I didn’t even know a pants-holder was a thing (sorry – not domestic!), but apparently they can hold pants *or* make fantastic washi tape (and ribbon) storage devices.
  9. The little rotating storage solution in this post is super cute.
  10. A mug tree for washi! How clever is this?
  11. Maybe my favorite and most-used washi accessory: my Creative Options storage unit. I love this thing!

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Thanks for including my washi tape holder!

Thank you so much for sharing our Washi Wheel along with the other great & creative storage ideas!

These are really great ideas! I don’t have many rolls yet but I’ve been slowly building my collection so I’ll need these organization ideas soon!

Love being organized, better yet if it can be fun and pretty as well.

These are some great ideas! Like you, I am a washi tape addict. There are so many fun DIY’s anyone can create with washi tape. Thanks for the storage ideas, as when I can finally get my own craft room I will definitely need to make a special storage space for all my wahi’s. Saving for future reference!

Love these ideas. Pinning now. Thanks for sharing at the This Is How We Roll Link Party. And check out my free Washi Tape storage idea –

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