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Washi Tape Planner Ideas

Washi Tape Planner Ideas

Washi is one of my favorite planner tools. It’s super handy and versatile, and you can get it in so many different prints…it’s impossible to have too much. Also, side note…my dogs love to eat my washi. I use it all the time for photos, and I swear to you, they sneak in and eat it every. damn. time. I’m always talking about it on my shop’s Insta Stories because it is the weirdest.

Washi Tape Planner Ideas

But anyway. When I have it put away properly, it lasts me forever! You can see a list of great washi storage ideas here. I’m going to share with you some of my favorite washi tape planner ideas – there are SO MANY ways to incorporate washi into your planner (for both functional reasons and also just fun ones).

Washi Tape Planner Ideas

Washi Tape Planner Ideas

But first…the best places to buy washi! Because I’m nothing if not an enabler.

I actually buy a lot on Amazon. It’s affordable and there are tons of options – I mean, how cute is this set below? It’s 48 rolls and costs less than $20 on Amazon.

Washi Tape

I also buy a lot from Michaels – they are always offering new designs that are super on-trend.

Those are my main sources of washi goodness.

Now, for some fun ways to use it!

Washi page marker/divider – This is a favorite trick of mine. Simply fold the washi over the edge of the page you want to mark. It makes it easy to find your favorite pages, and it’s also adorable. 

Washi Tape Planner Idea

Organize your planner with washi – I love all the fun ideas in this post for using washi to organize and color coordinate your planner. She makes it really functional!

Make a weekend bannerThis blog post is full of clever ways to decorate your planner with washi, but what I really love is her weekend banner. It’s so cute!

Make flip cards – Flip cards can add extra real estate to your planner (use them for journaling, quotes, or pictures). They’re also fun because they add a multi-media vibe that makes your planner feel more scrapbook than just plain old planner. The pictures below are actually from my bullet journal (all of these will work in a bullet journal too, of course!). The cards I used here are Project Life cards. You can also use these free printable quote cards.

Washi Tape Planner Ideas Make a washi sticker – This Texas washi sticker is one of my favorite projects! It’s so easy, and everyone loves it. You can make a sticker like using any stencil or shape (I got this one from iStencils). You could also make letters – that would be so fun!

Add pictures or pockets to your planner – SUPER simple – I used some washi and another Project Life card I had around the house. You could just as easily use some scrapbook paper for the pocker.

Washi Tape Planner IdeasAnd to add pictures to your planner, just make a washi frame and stick them in! I actually think this is more fun than using *actual* planner stickers, in many cases!

What is Bullet JournalingI also love this post – it has six fun ways to use washi in your bullet journal. 

What are your favorite ways to use washi in your planner? Let me know in the comments below! And be sure to join us on Facebook for more fun (and helpful) planner content!

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with so many choices what a grat way to decorate

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