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Vision Board Topics to Get You Started

Vision Board Topics to Get You Started

One of the cool things about vision boarding is that your vision board can literally be anything. 

UPDATE: I wrote a book! And it’s all about vision boarding, goal setting, and getting things done. You can order your copy on Amazon. Once you get it, be sure to come join me in my private Make Anything Happen Facebook Group! 

I think we often picture a vision board as giant board on our wall, covered in pictures of everything we want in our lives, but that’s not really what it has to be like (it certainly CAN be that way, though…but don’t get hung up on that one idea of what a vision board should be). I’ve put together some vision board topics to inspire you to think outside the box and create a vision board (or boards) that truly represents you.

Vision Board Ideas

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My current vision board is a piece of paper that I keep in the back of my planner (you can download a copy of the printable vision board template I use here). I also do a mini vision board in my planner every month. Nothing fancy…I just write out some things I want to accomplish, a few priorities for the month, and add some cute stickers and call it a day (and yes, watching Titanic is totally appropriate vision board material, y’all!).

Vision Board Topics

I even have a little vision board card that I keep clipped into my planner to remind me of one of my Very Important Big Picture Goals (to be debt-free!). 

Vision Board Topics

Vision Board Topics

Vision Board Ideas

Pull from these vision board topic ideas to inspire you when you feel stuck. 

But first, a couple notes about how to make a vision board work for you. It’s one thing to make the vision board – it’s another thing to act on it and accomplish those goals!

When you have a goal or dream in mind, think about what that looks like and how it feels. Create the vision board around those feelings. Look at it frequently. But that won’t be enough – you’ll also want to have an action plan in place! Use this printable goal planning page to work up your plan and to keep in touch with your goals. Remember that wanting something is easy, but you’re going to have to put in the work!

There is no substitute for hard work.

OK – here are those vision board ideas you’ve been waitng for!

  • Health goals (lose weight, run a 5k, learn to swim, quit smoking)
  • Learning goals (courses you want to take, certificates you want to get)
  • Cleaning (it’s totally okay to have a clean house vision board – I kind of need this in my own life!)
  • Career goals
  • Family goals
  • Priorities (a vision board doesn’t need to be about goals at all…it can also be a place to confirm and connect with your priorities)
  • Vacations you want to take
  • Places you want to visit in your own city
  • Home decorating projects (I have an online vision board full of my #masterbedroomgoals)
  • Best Life (what does YOUR best life look like? Mine involves some land, a best-selling book, and my mini donkeys in the backyard!)
  • Meditation goals (what do you want to accomplish when you meditate? Vision board it!)

Vision Board Ideas

  • Important words (think of the words you want to live by, the words you want to describe your life…and then make it official with a vision board)
  • Money you want to make(mine has money on it! dolla dolla bills, y’all – don’t ever feel guilty about wanting to earn money!)
  • Money you want to pay off (imagine a debt-free life – what would that look like to you? How would you live if you weren’t tied down by debt?)
  • Feelings (how do you want to feel?)
  • Books (imagine your vision board is a library of all the books you want to read)
  • Ways to help make the world a better place (fill your board with acts of kindess, volunteer options, and places you can donate money to)
  • Big Exciting Adventure Goals (the big, scary things you’re even afraid to think out loud)
  • Dreams you want to accomplish (the book you want to write, the blog you want to start, the movie you want to star in…whatever it is, make it Vision Board Official!)
  • Affirmations (what do you want to be true about yourself and your life?)

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Love those printable vision board quotes. Really adds some coolness to a vision board. I just showed my fiance and she loves them! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Great article. I’m a great follower in vision boards and what you can achieve when one is focused. A simple tool and clear vision of your goals! if you want to know more about vision board you can visit:

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