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Summer Printable Planner Stickers

Summer Printable Planner Stickers

Remember when summer break was full of care-free days spent with friends at the pool, the beach, the lake…wherever just wasn’t school?! Ah, that good ol’ days when I had an easy part-time job that I kept because I needed gas money, junk food, and clothes- lots of clothes.  As I’m getting older (summer break is *LONG* gone for me) I feel like my summers are much more hectic.  I’m not alone, am I?!  Good thing I’m a #planneraddict because it at least controls the chaos.  Kind of. 

These summer printable planner stickers are a great way to keep your planner lively and to stay motivated with whatever goals you are striving to achieve.  (I strongly believe that sanity is a goal, and I am constantly reaching for it.)

Happy planning!

Summer Printable Planner Stickers

4 photos of colorful summertime planner stickers

Themed stickers will make your planner more visually pleasing, which will encourage you to stay up-to-date and keep organized.

Rainbow Colored Stickers w/ Inspirational Quotes

4th of July Printable Planner Stickers

Flip Flops & Bathing Suits by Oh Doodle Shop

DIY Photo Stickers – Yes!  Take photos and turn them into your own stickers!  What a cute way to remember brunch with you friends or a special date night 🙂

Watermelons & Strawberries

Flamingos & Palms – I love flamingos!  I always have to stop and take a picture when I’m at the Zoo.

Pineapples & Popsicles

Summer Carnival – These would have been prefect for my 4H days as a kid 🙂

Summer Melons

Photos of summer themed stickers including bathing suits and flip flops

These summer planner stickers are so BRIGHT – I want them all!

Pineapples, Toucans, and Palm Fronds 

Vacation-Themed – Use these to get pumped up for your weekend vacay or plan a family trip 

Ice Cream & Fro-Yo

Glittery Flamingos w/ Water Tracker – I use a water tracker daily.  It really does make me more conscious of what and how much I’m drinking!

Red, White, & Blue 

Pineapples w/ Sunglasses – Yup, theses pineapples are WEARING sunglasses!!  So cute 🙂

Check out these other summer printables on the site:

Printable USA Banner

Pink Printable Party Invitations



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