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Star Wars Breakfast Ideas (TIE Fighter Eggs, Anyone?)

Star Wars Breakfast Ideas (TIE Fighter Eggs, Anyone?)

Star Wars BreakfastIn our house, breakfast is probably our favorite meal. And by probably, I really mean, totally. Eggs, bacon, pancakes…the stuff dreams are made of, I tell you. The best part is that my kids actually eat breakfast, and there are rarely any tears over the food we eat. Rarely.

Every now and then, though, one of them throws a wrench in our well-laid breakfast plans. Let me set the scene:

The kids are sitting at the table, and we are having Breakfast for Dinner, which consists of scambled eggs, bacon, and french toast with powdered sugar.  I set down a plate of food in front of Jack.

Jack: I don’t like eggs!

Me: What do you mean? You had eggs yesterday and asked for seconds!

Jack: I don’t like them anymore!

Me: Yes, you do!

Jack: Nooooooooo. I don’t.  

Me: Yessss…you do.

Jack: {starts crying}

Me: Seriously? You ate eggs yesterday.

If you have young kids, I am sure this is familiar.

But here’s the thing: I 100% for a fact know that Jack likes eggs. He eats them all the time. We all love eggs in this family!

So to remind him that he likes eggs? I made a Star Wars breakfast. Because no one can turn down eggs in the shape of a TIE Fighter. Right?!

Tie Fighter EggsAnd guess what? Tie Fighter eggs are awesome – and not that hard to make, either.

To make these, we needed eggs, a skilled omelette-maker (Charles, of course), and some TIE Fighter cookie cutters (affiliate link: I can’t find the ones I own online, but here’s a similar Star Wars cookie cutter). Fry up your omelettes (we used two eggs per omelette) and place them on a cutting board. Use your cookie cutters to cut out your shape, being sure to really cut through with the cookie cutter (I used a knife to cut off any ragged edges). I piled all the “scraps” on my plate because I’ll eat my eggs in any shape. 🙂

Chewbacca Hash Browns

And then, because I can’t really ever leave well-enough alone, I decided that we needed to whip up some hashbrown creations to go with the eggs (and by *I*, I really mean *Charles* – I’ve never made hashbrowns before, but I am very good at directing others, so there’s that). 

But before I share those pictures, I need to share a funny – and very true – story about hashbrowns, Star Wars, and ten-year-old Carrie.

I’m ten years old. I’m sitting at the breakfast bar with my brother, eating our dinner. It’s some-food-I-can’t-remember and hashbrowns. I love hashbrowns! Who doesn’t love hashbrowns? Hashbrowns are amazing. I have ketchup all over mine.

In the living room, The Empire Strikes Back is on the television. My dad sits in his brown chair, eating hashbrowns of his own and watching Luke ride the Tauntaun across the arctic wilderness of Hoth. I love horses, and I always have, and the idea of a Tauntaun of my own – that I can ride! – is very appealing.

They’re so cute! I want one.

But it’s cold on Hoth, and Luke must survive. Han Solo slices into my coveted Tauntaun, and his guts spill out of his body in a slimy pile at Han’s feet. They look a lot like…my hashbrowns.

I start to gag. I can’t look at my food. I can’t look at the TV.

And for the next twenty-five years (and counting), I cannot eat hashbrowns because they look like Tauntaun guts.

But that doesn’t mean the rest of the family can’t enjoy them!

Chewbacca HashbrownsHashbrown Chewbacca is made entirely from hashbrowns and bacon – except for his face, which I made with the blackberries and a little swipe of sour cream for the mouth.

And while we were at it, we made a Jabba the Hashbrown, too.

Jabba the HashbrownBreakfast has always been popular around here, but with my Star Wars breakfast, I can safely say we took it to another level. WHAT WHAT!

May the fork be with you! Also? I find your lack of eggs disturbing. The yolk is strong with this one. OK. I’m sorry.  I’ll stop. 

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You are ridiculously creative and that chewy breakfast rocks! I’m totally making them for my husband! Pinning and stumbling now!

Holy chickens, Carrie! That’s a rockin’ breakfast. And your Chewbacca breakfast skills are on point!

The fork is strong with this one. Teach me, oh Obi Wan of breakfast!

Oh, my, gosh! This is amazing. I am totally making these on May 4th (if I can wait that long.)

Oh my! This is fantastic!
Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

How awsome is that 🙂 And I was grinning when I read the dialogue….as a mom of three and grandmother of one, I have had my share of just that type of “are you not sane-I do NOT like that food” dramas. I shared your great breakfast on Simply Marit

That wookie hash brown is awesome!

I love these! My six year old son will too, especially since we are so close to the new Star Wars movie release! 🙂

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