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Party Like a Princess: Sofia the First Party Ideas

Party Like a Princess: Sofia the First Party Ideas

Both of my kids love Sofia the First. Even Jack, who is going through an anti-princess phase (it’s so serious, he’s even turned against Princess Leia), will watch Sofia the First. I *think* he might kind of have a crush on her, but don’t tell him I told the Internet that! And really, I love Sofia, too…I’m kind obsessed with Minimus, the purple pegasus pony (he’s all the things my childhood dreams were made of).

So throwing a Sofia the First Princess Playdate was AWESOME.

The party we hosted was a fun get-together with some of Claire’s favorite little princesses (and a few princes thrown into the mix, too). I have tons of Disney Princess party ideas for you here…and even free printables so you can throw your own Disney Princess party…stress-free!

Disney Princess Party PlanI wanted to combine some fun indoor activities (the forecast was RAIN!) with Sofia the First-inspired snacks and some hands-on projects the kids (most between 3-5 years) could do themselvs. 

We started off by letting the kids decorate their own amulets (Sofia has a magical amulet that allows her to talk to animals!). I made each child a painting placemat by writing their names on colored card stock (they could paint on this surface and leave their amulets here to dry, so we’d know which one belonged to which child). The “amulets” were really just some inexpensive wood shapes I picked up in the craft section at Walmart, and were perfect for stringing on yarn so the kids could wear them.

Amulet Painting Station

Amulet Painting

Claire (incidentally, the only child who refused to wear her princess dress!) and her doppelganger, Olivia, paint their amulets.

Amulet Painting Harper

In "NOT Princess!" colors, according to Jack.

In “NOT Princess!” colors, according to Jack.

We also broke out all of our dress-up attire and set up the Princess Dress-Up Station. You can see how I made this fancy dress-up station here…but all you need is a box and some play clothes! Trust me, the kids were more interested in the princess dresses than they were in the hours I invested painting this dresser!

Printable Princess Party BannerWe also let the kids play a game of Pin the Tail on Minimus, which I loved because all those years spent doodling horses in the margins of my schoolwork was finally validated when I got to paint this giant Minimus. I cut up some purple streamers to use as the tail and let the kids initial their “tails” after they pinned them to Minimus.

Pin-the-Tail-on-Minimus Sofia the First Party

I also had some Kinetic sand and Mega Bloks that came in our party box out for the kids to play with at their leisure. They loved these (but next time I’ll monitor the sand better, because, OMG. SAND!).

Barbie DuplosI decided to stick with the Sofia the First theme when coming up with some super simple, kid-friendly snacks. I used a teeny little heart cookie cutter to make tea sandwhiches (PB&J and turkey and cheese because I wanted to have a peanut-free option).

Princess Sandwiches

Princess Tea SandwichesI bought some blue tortilla chips at the store (they look purple to me!) and dropped a couple drops of purple food coloring into the sour cream dip.

Princess DipFor a sweet treat, I bought some big pretzel sticks and simply poured a container of store-bought Funfetti frosting into a bowl. These were obviously a favorite with the kids (FROSTING!), but I liked them because I told the kids they were Cedric’s magic wands.

Cedrics WandsFor drinks, I had punch and bottled water with these cute water bottle labels!

Princess Water Bottle LabelsPrincess Water Bottle LabelsThe party was so much fun. And as I was laying in bed that night next to Claire, she said to me, “I loved my princess party, mom.”

All the printables I scrambled to make…all the grief I gave Charles when he bought me violet paint instead of lavender (Minimus is lavender. He is LAVENDER!)…it was all worth it for those sweet words from the little princess in my life!

DisneyKids Party


Disney PrincessesI have a Disney Princess Printable Party Pack for you here! Click here (or on the image below) to get printable invitations, signs, a welcome banner, a dress-up station banner, and water bottle labels.

Disney Princess Party Printables

Click to download!

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Looking for more princess party ideas? Be sure to check out my other Disney Princess Party printables and simple craft ideas here.

Find Sofia the First gifts here.

Find additional Sofia the First party decorations here.

I hope these Disney Princess Party ideas inspire you! And be sure to check out the Disney Side Celebrations for lots of ideas for planning your next Disney party and showing off your Disney side! 


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We love Sofia, but sadly my girls have never asked for a Sofia party! Totally pinning and stumbling for you!

Do you have a download for pin the tail on Minmus

I wish we lived closer! Maddi LOVES Sophia! We watch it regularly. I FINALLY found the episode on Youtube that tells how she got to be a princess…LOL.

My boys watch too…although they call it Sophia the Worst.

Great job!

We had a fantastic time! Thank you so much for inviting us. Harper particularly loved the frosting! 🙂

This is so cute! Annelise LOVES Phia (as she calls her). I regularly have to get down on all fours and be Minimus while she rides on my back.

How can I print out the horse I would like to play that at my daughter party

For a Sophia the 1st party theme ! What did the boys do what is the theme for them ?

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