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Shakeology Alternatives: Protein Shakes

Shakeology Alternatives: Protein Shakes

Update on 3/20/2018 – Things have changed since I first wrote this post! I’m updating it with some new information.

Update on 3/22/2018 – GUYS. I just watched this news report – some of the shakes I had recommended (including the one I drink!) have dangerous amount of metals in their formulas. So I’ve pulled these shakes out of this post for now and will add in more after I’ve had time to do some research. It looks like most plant-based shakes score poorly on tests like these.

Shakeo Alternative

When I started the 21 Day Fix, I bought the package that came with a month’s worth of Shakeology. I really, really liked the chocolate Shakeology – it tasted great, it was high in protein, and it’s plant-based. For some reason, whey protein shakes kind of weird me out. I feel like there’s cheese in my shake, and I just can’t get over that idea (is that weird??). But, it’s pricey…at around $4 per serving, it was hard to justify a daily shake.

Shakeology Alternatives 2


So, I started looking for plant-based Shakeology alternatives. I found that many of them had quite a bit less protein or questionable ingredients…and many of them were expensive, too. You DO NOT need protein shakes to make the 21 Day Fix work…but they are a great way to meet all of your daily container requirements and feel like you’re having a treat when you’re really eating something healthy (it really does help reduce cravings).

{Side note: If you’re using Shakeology to replace a meal, $4/serving really isn’t all that bad…but for me, it was more of an afternoon pick-me-up, which made it a $4 snack…and that is kind of expensive when you’re on a budget! I do really like it…it just isn’t financially feasible to drink it every day.}

These aren’t meal replacements…You can learn more about meal replacement shake options here.

Shakeology Alternatives

Shakeology Alternatives


I know many of you don’t require a plant-based shake, though, so I’m going to share a few great protein shake options that are plant-based AND a few that have whey.

Here’s what you need to know about protein shake alternatives to Shakeology.

One red container on the 21 Day Fix is between 100-200 calories, and 15-25 grams of protein. And you are looking for a product with no artificial sweeteners and as few “processed” ingredients as possible (acknowledging, of course, that a protein shake is a very processed product…but that doesn’t mean it needs to be filled with weird, hard-to-pronounce ingredients!).

You can learn more about what each container on the 21 Day Fix is equal to here.

Shakeology Recipes

Many of you in our Facebook group have heard me talking about Orgain Organic Protein Plant Based Powder. I love the chocolate! But unfortunately, since I originally wrote this post, they have changed the ingredients up some. These shakes have erythritol in them, which means they are not Fix-friendly, but I wanted to address this brand because I have recommended them for so long. 

I am not currently using Orgain.

Then I moved to Vega One, but it scored the LOWEST when tested for heavy metals by an independent lab. BOOOO!! 

So, I am currently shake-less. (sad face)

Here a couple of options that you can look into:


Natural Force Organic Whey Protein Powder 

tub of whey powder

Here’s one I haven’t tried…but based on the ingredient list and cost, I think it would be worth it if you’re looking for a whey protein powder. With only three ingredients, no artificial sweeteners (it’s sweetened with Stevia), and 20 grams of protein, this highly-rated shake looks like a solid choice.

Natural Whey Protein Powder

tub of whey powder

With 24 grams of protein and 130 calories, this Stevia-sweetened shake is also a suitable option. The whey is sourced from grass-fed cows, which is also a positive. You can find Natural Whey protein powder on Amazon.


Buy a small size first and if you’re worried about these bothering your stomach (some people complain of bloating), start with a half serving (for Shakeology, too). These ALL taste better if you mix them with something – I have lots of shakeology recipes for you below:

I hope that helps you out some! Here are some shake recipes you might like:

21 Day Fix Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake

21 Day Fix Pumpkin Pie Shake


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I have been drinking shakeology for a long time now, off n on, cancel for a bit when I have to BECAUSE of the price.
Needing to stop again, on my first week of core de force, and me being such a picky eater, 1. don’t like meat too much, 2. hate leftovers, makes it hard I just do what I need to do, I do always take the peanut butter quest tho after the workouts since I cannot work out until later in the evening around 6pm-7pm
I was even a coach but the price still…. I wish they would do something to change that, no wonder its tough to coach, most people cannot afford it, and I got my bf on it for years and he loved it too, but sadly time to get off of it again :*(


Hi Carrie,
New here.
I have never used shakeology because I can’t justify or rationalize the price. I am familiar with BB programs and have a lot of success doing them.
When I started my quest to betterment 4.5 years ago, I was 324 lbs and 35 years old. Completely miserable, riddled with health problems, and living a VERY isolated life.
I’m now 40, down to 220# which is still heavy at 5’4 BUT I’m no where near the weight I was when starting and that’s helped me to be more active and mobile.
I’ve recently made a big move from Oklahoma to the south east coast of Virginia, and as a result of many contributing factors, I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit. But darn it, I’m determined to get back after it and conquer my own self again. I’ve come so far to let any set backs derail my progress.
I wanted to contribute to your shake alternatives.
I have tried several different ones. I am a fan of whey isolate because of fewer calories, carbs, fat, etc. Having played around with price, being able to purchase my powder in a convenient location and finding the flavors I want, I have recently came across one by Integrated Supplements. It’s a pure plant protein, it’s highly filtered, full of antioxidants and low in cholesterol. It’s servings size is 2 scoops, 120 calories, 1.5g fat, 6g carbs, 1g, fiber, 4g sugars, 20g protein. It’s non GMO, gluten free, artificial free and 100% kosher.
I use the chocolate flavor. Here’s what I do.
I add a cup of ice to a blender carafe, add 24 to 32 ounces of cold coffee, 1 to 2 tablespoons of PBFit powder, and 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar free French vanilla coffee creamer. (It gives it a bit more smoothness and adds a touch of infused vanilla cream flavor) I will sometimes add a teaspoon of organic cacao powder depending on time, calorie and workout deficit or needs. When I’m REALLY pushing myself in my workouts, (because I typically always go more balls to wall than just the DVD’s) I will add a small scoop (tiny and it’s provided in the containers) of glutamine powder and collagen powder because the help with muscle fatigue and recovery. Aid in keeping you from being as sore from lactic acid build up.)
I used to add a banana, but opted out because I’m not a fan of bananas on their own and the extra carbs.
So, to wrap up my add, (sorry it’s so lengthy)
I use this shake blend in place of snacking and as my morning coffee. It makes about 32 ounces and I pour them into bottles and take on the go for work, gym, or as a convenient snack.
Ice, coffee, protein, sugar free creamer, cacao powder PBFit powder, blend and voila.
It’s super good, and I find myself craving my shakes. My body knows when I need the protein!
I’ve used almond milk before too, but prefer the coffee. COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE!!! LOL
Feel free to make it your own and add/omit what works for you. I just wanted to contribute for the “base” of the shake and reference the powder I’ve recently came across.
Best wishes to y’all in this New Year, let’s get busy and be our best selves.
Happy Workouts!!!

Oh, and you can pick up the protein powder at Wal-Mart!
SUUUUPER convenient and it’s under $25 bucks!!!!

Apologies for my typos. 🙂

Ok, so I know this post is two years old, but Costco sells Chocolate, Vanilla and even PEANUT BUTTER Orgain on their website. And shipping is free 😁

Ok, so I picked up a tub of the chocolate Orgain at Costco after I posted. IMO it’s nasty!! I tried it a few times and just had to choke it down. I’m going to try adding cocoa powder tomorrow morning, but if it’s still gross in returning it. I was so hoping I would like it because I can’t justify spending so much on Shakeo, but I haven’t found anything I like yet. I’m going to try the integrated supplements that jaimee recommended above.

I just started back to 21 day fix after a 4 year hiatus. I can’t afford Shakeology so I get Purely Inspired Organic Protein. It’s plant based, uses stevia. Tastes pretty good. I haven’t had Shakeology in years, so I don’t remember enough to compare.

Tone it Up Protein Powder is reasonably priced and taste amazing – Organic, soy, gluten and dairy free.

Hi there my Dr put me on Premiere Protein drinks to go with the 21 day fix extreme is this going to make a difference in me losing weight


Any suggestions on how to make an alternative cafe mocha latte shake? That used to be my favorite Shakeology flavor.

You add instant coffee granules to your chocolate shake. I also will do this to my vanilla and pumpkin spice shake mixes. About 1.5 tsp to 1Tbs per serving.

LOVE THIS POST & these comments. I have been *loving* Shakeo but, alas, THE COST! (That’s the bummer about MLM’s I think–suuuuch inflated prices). So, I’m digging into finding something comparable, and this thread has really helped my list. Off I go to find something I hopefully like as much as (or more than) the Shakeo. THANK YOU CARRIE for your research & everyone for sharing your experiences !!!! <3 <3 <3

How about 310 Nutrition. It has a lot less calories and sugar than Shakeology. Haven’t tried it yet but just ordered some.

Hi.. I’m new to BOD, so just really getting started. I too, just can’t justify the money for Shakeology, although I’m sure it is good. Here is the protein drink I’ve been having which I think gives me just about everything Shakeology does:

11 oz. of Premier Protein (from Costco), has 30g Proteing, 160 calories, 1 g sugar & 24 vitamins and minerals
About 1/2 to 1 cup of frozen berries (depending on how much I’m making)
1 scoop of Orgain superfood powder
And I’ve recently just started adding about 1/3 cup por unsweetened almond milk. (I think the Orgain has a weird aftertaste). This is a filling shake and seems to help in recovery. It’s tasty and pretty thick and creamy (especially after adding the almond milk). I can use this as a meal replacement as well.
I sometimes also add some spinach.

Main negative to the Premier Protein is it does have a little bit of sucralose in it, but I figure there is a trade off and because I’m a pretty picky eater this is a shake that i can easily drink down.

Hi Carrie ! I just found your blog because I’m getting ready to resume the 21DF to combat my quarantine weight gain – the Fix was really the only program that helped me lose and tone significantly. I loved the taste of Shakeology and the premise of using it as a treat, but like you say, it gets expensive if you’re using it as a snack as opposed to a meal replacement. I’ve started using Legion Athletics Whey+ Protein powder in chocolate, and it’s the first protein shake I’ve found that matches Shakeology for flavor. It’s more economical, and it’s only 100 calories per shake if you make with water/ice. It does contain soy but no artificial sweeteners (uses Stevia, which I normally hate, but it seems to be masked well). I was wondering if you have any experience using collagen supplements like Vital Proteins? I hear they’re good for joints and skin/hair health, but I wasn’t sure if the benefit outweighs the extra calories!

Do you know what comes with the 21 day detox? I’ve got to get off all my gluten, sugar and cravings since this COVID crap started. I’ve been eating bad and just grabbing anything. I’ve never done the detox by beach body. I’ve been doing beach body for years but it’s so expensive and my coach just wasn’t doing much in groups anymore so I just kept up with non my on. I don’t like the shakes very much at all by beachbody. I got to where I loathed eating cause I was sick of shakes twice a day.but I need to detox bad. Any suggestions.

What about a vegan meal replacement shake? Do you have recommendations?

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