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Printable Winter Bucket List

Printable Winter Bucket List

Last night, I lay awake thinking about the printable winter bucket list you see here. What I really wanted to do was sleep, but I had a tiny little shot of caffeine late in the day and that wasn’t going to happen. So instead I tossed and turned and thought about all the things I need to be doing, and this was one of those things.

Printable Winter Bucket ListI thought I was going to make a Christmas-y printable, but then I realized that there are basically three months of winter left after Christmas, and you might now want to be staring at a list with Christmas trees on it in February, you know what I mean?

THEN! I thought about Lorelai Gilmore’s love for snow, and this printable winter bucket list was born.

Printable Winter Bucket ListI’m a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, which means I’m a Netflix ambassador and get to share all of my binge watching experiences and television obsessions with you, so you can binge watch, too. This month, I’m sharing this Lorelai-inspired winter printable with you – enjoy! 🙂

Printable Winter Bucket List

It was about a year ago, when the Gilmore Girls revival was getting ready to debut on Netflix. Don’t hate, but, I had never seen Gilmore Girls before. I started watching it because I was excited about the revival (and that’s without ever watching the show!). I ended up getting hooked, and today I am a full-blown Gilmore Girls addict. 

Printable Winter Bucket ListIn fact, it’s what I put on Netflix if I ever want something on in the background while I’m working. 

SO. All that to say, this is how I came up with this idea.

And also, to recommend that you watch Gilmore Girls if you haven’t seen it. Seriously. Go watch it. 

Now for the winter bucket list printable, though.

Printable Winter Bucket ListWhat are your plans this winter? Mine involve hot chocolate, training for a 5k (it’s Texas, so, weather should be permitting!), and making getting lucky and making a snowman (depending on that Texas weather again).

Print out one for your whole family, or one for every family member, and keep track of all the fun things you always say you’re going to do, but then forget about. 

If you triple <3 Gilmore Girls like I do, I also think you’ll love the posts below! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for tons of free printables, healthy recipes, and meal planning and budgeting help.

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