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Printable Tea Stickers for Your Planner

Printable Tea Stickers for Your Planner

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Tea + Planners = Joy. You can’t tell me otherwise! Printable Tea Stickers I’ve shared my Sunday planning routine before on Instagram, but I realized I hadn’t really shared my planning flow on here before…so today I’m going to show you how I plan out my week. Also, I want to give you these super adorable printable tea stickers for your planner – they fit in perfectly with my Sunday routine, which involves a lot of tea.

Actually, my daily routine involves a lot of tea – and you probably already know that if you’re here, because I talk about it constantly. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but…tea brings me so. much. joy.
Printable Tea Stickers

Printable Tea Stickers

I’ve been drinking the same tea since I was probably 25 years old (which is 15 years, you guys). Every morning, I wake up and brew a giant batch of Lipton 100% Natural Tea Black Tea Bags. I probably go through six tea bags a day. I can’t do coffee – it’s too intense! So instead I brew up a giant batch of tea and then serve it over ice. Lipton Black TeaIt’s how I get my day started, and it sustains me throughout my morning and early afternoon (TEA. IS. LIFE.).

I usually buy a box of 100 count Lipton 100% Natural Tea Black Tea bags at Walmart. You can hover over the shoppable image below to get your own! They’ve recently updated their packaging…new look, same great taste. Lipton is still the 100% natural black tea you know and love, but with some pretty new packaging!

Do you use Ibotta? You can earn $.75 on any one Lipton tea bag product while supplies last.

Sundays are extra special to me because I usually take it pretty easy. I sleep in a bit, grab my giant vat of tea, and then get to work planning out my week. One thing I’ve learned about planning is that the amount of time you spend planning will pay itself back over and over again in time saved the next week.

Also, this is a quiet and reflective time for me. I like to be creative and add some flair to my planner (you can see more about how I use my planner as a “memory planner” here). Lipton Black Tea I have several planners that I work from – my Perpetual Planner (the day planner you see pictured here), my Meal Planner, and my Project Manager. I also have my Gratitude Journal nearby, and this is something I write in every night. I am going to focus on how I use my day planner here, because OMG A LOT OF PLANNERS, right?!

As important events come up, I write them all down on my monthly calendar pages. These pages are usually sloppy, and I don’t put any energy into keeping them pretty. It’s just important that I get things written down!
Printable Tea Stickers Then, on Sundays, I look at my monthly calendar and use it to plan out my week. I fill in all the activities, birthdays, events, etc. at this time. The key to using a planner is to look at it every night. It’s that simple! I check in with it every night to see what I have coming up the next day (when I don’t check in, I find that I miss things – especially if they’re happening the next morning).

I also use this time to go back and fill in any holes from the past week – I basically use it as a journal! This is also when I decorate with stickers. Printable Tea Stickers Obviously the only thing better than tea or stickers would be tea and stickers together, which is why I thought you guys would like these printable tea stickers for your planners! If you need help getting started with printable stickers, I have a whole blog post about how to make printable planner stickers – this is a good place to start!

I recommend using full sheet labels for your planner stickers – this is the cheapest sticker paper I have found.

I cut these stickers out by hand. You can also use a paper cutter for the straight ones, or if you have a cutting machine like a Silhouette, that also works! Printable Tea Stickers Printable Tea StickersClick on the black “Download” button at the bottom of this post to download your stickers. If you have any trouble with the download, email me directly and I’ll send you the files. I hope you love them as much as I do! Use password TEATEA to download.
Printable Tea Stickers

Password to download is TEATEA.

I’ve really found that a routine brings comfort, consistency, and something to look forward to each week. It also brings me caffeine. And caffeine makes everything better. I hope you’ll use these printable tea stickers to dress up your planner and bring some joy and happiness to your own weekly planning routine! Lipton Black Tea



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Ok, but are you drinking unsweetened tea? Cuz that will get you kicked out of the South :p

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