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Printable Stationery with a Gratitude Theme

Printable Stationery with a Gratitude Theme

Thanksgiving is coming (I know, whaaaat?!) and this time of year always makes me reflect. Not just on Thanksgiving, but the whole season, really…it all just makes me think.

When I sat down to creat this month’s printable stationery, I knew I wanted it to focus on gratitude. But the designs in my head just weren’t working for me on paper, and I realized that being grateful – and telling the people we love that we are grateful for them – is something we should be doing year-round, not just during the holidays.

Printable Gratitude Stationery

So I ran with that and created some fun printable stationery that will tell your loved ones you’re thinking about them, no matter what the season!

Printable Stationery

Free Printable StationeryAlso, I’m super into polka dots and black and white right now. This would be so fun to dress up with some colored pens and some stickers!

I’ve been taking the Letter Writing Challenge seriously. Every month, I’ve been sticking a letter in the mail, snail mail style, to my grandmother in Oregon. She has Alzheimers and I don’t hear from her when I send them, but it doesn’t matter – I know she’s getting them and that’s what counts.

Printable Gratitude StationerySide note: if you’re sending letters to a loved one with Alzheimers or dementia, be sure to include pictures! I always include pictures of my kids. I don’t know that she knows who they are, so I always remind her with a caption, like “great grand-daughter Claire, sixe-years-old.” 

You can download your free stationery below. I print on regular paper, but use card stock for the envelope (although, I have used plain paper for the envelope before and sent it and it worked just fine). 

Free Printable StationeryIt’s good to sit down and write a letter every now and then – what a wonderful way to remind someone you’re thinking about them, right? Actually – I got a postcard from my BFF today and it made my day!

Free Printable Stationery

Be sure to check out the other free printable stationery templates, and learn more about the Letter Writing Challenge, below. And – I’d love to have you join us on Facebook! Jus click the blue button below.

Letter Writing ChallengePrintable Fall Stationery


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I have penpals that I snail mail so thank you for the printable stationary!! Nancy

I have just started to write more notes and letters. I would love to accept this challenge. I just completed four of the notes and sent them out today.

Hello, just found your site while looking for free printable stationery. Your stationery is really cute, but your website is so full of graphics and pop-ups, I can’t find the DOWNLOAD button! Or do I have to join your Letter-Writing Challenge to get it? I don’t have a Facebook account. Thank you, Pat

How do you download to print?? Thank you

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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