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Printable Pantry Staples Checklist

Printable Pantry Staples Checklist

Have you ever struggled to figure out what is for dinner, open the pantry… and stare blankly at a bunch of snacks and a distinct lack of ingredient to make anything? While I would not exclude the possibility of making a meal of cookies and chips for myself if no one was home, I am not going to let my kids know that is an option. They will have to figure that one out on their own when they are older! I have often heard stories of people who could whip up a meal out of things sitting in their pantry, but I hadn’t aimed at being such an accomplished, “real” grown-up until recently. Now, I try to meal plan ahead of time. But if you want to meal plan or even if you are waiting ’til the last minute, there are certain items that you can stock to make your life much easier. If you know that you have these items already, it is simple to just grab the fresh ingredients you need, and away you go. Here is a list of pantry staples for meal planning that will get you ahead of the game and ultimately make grocery trips and cooking more efficient.

Printable Pantry Checklist

Pantry Staples for Meal Planning

Spices and Seasonings

 Salt
 Black peppercorns
 Bay leaves
 Cajun seasoning
 Cayenne pepper
 Chili powder
 Crushed red pepper
 Curry powder
 Fennel or dill seed
 Garlic powder
 Ground cinnamon
 Cumin
 Ground ginger
 Oregano
 Paprika: sweet and smoked
 Rosemary
 Sesame seeds
 Thyme
 Nutmeg
 Whole nutmeg


 Extra virgin olive oil
 Vegetable oil
 Apple cider vinegar
 Red wine vinegar
 Balsamic vinegar 
 Flour: all-purpose, whole wheat or pastry
 Baking soda
 Baking powder

Printable Pantry Checklist

 Cocoa powder (unsweetened)
 Pure vanilla extract
 Granulated sugar
 Confectioners sugar
 Brown sugar
 Maple syrup
 Soy sauce
 Worcestershire sauce
 Hot sauce of choice
 Chicken broth
 Salsa
 Tomato paste
 Canned tomatoes
 Beans of choice (black beans, chickpeas, etc.)


 Long-grain white rice
 Brown rice
 Quinoa
 Pasta noodles of choice (spaghetti, macaroni elbows, and ziti are good ones)

Quick Meal Items

 Peanut butter (or nut butter of choice)
 Nuts of choice (peanuts, almonds, walnuts, etc.)
 Jelly, jam or preserves
 Breakfast cereal
 Preferred oats (steel-cut, old-fashioned, quick oats)
 Tuna

Printable Pantry Checklist CarrieElle.comCondiments and Toppings

 Ketchup
 Mayonnaise
 Mustard: Dijon or whole grain
 Pickles
 Honey
 Dried fruit
 Sunflower seeds


 Coffee
 Tea

This list will keep your kitchen stocked and ready so that when you find a recipe you like, you are much more likely to be able to make it without a trip to the store. Or if you did wait to figure out what is for dinner, you have plenty of choices on hand!

For more help on meal planning, check out our best free meal planning printable resources. You can also check out the meal planners in the Carrie Elle shop. And we’d love to have you join the FREE 30 Day Meal Plan Challenge! You can find out more below.

Download your free printable pantry checklist below by clicking on the black and white “download here” button.


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