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Printable Outlander Wall Art

Printable Outlander Wall Art

I love to read, which you probably know if you are a return reader…I love talking about books! And you also may know that I love Outlander.

Outlander Printable Wall ArtThis post contains affiliate links.

The Outlander series books by Diana Gabaldon are, without a doubt, my favorite books. Whenever I finish one, I feel a giant black hole in my life – and that even goes for when I finish reading one a second time.

That’s right, I am reading them all again. The show (on STARZ) started a couple of years ago, and I’ve found myself reading each book before that book’s season airs. It’s been a long time since I was first introduced to Jamie ad Claire, and I’ve forgotten much of what happened in the the books. Also, I love reading something and then watching the movie. So, going back to the Outlander books (while I :::cough cough::: patiently await the final installment…) has been a real joy. 

Outlander Printable Wall ArtIf you’ve never read Outlander and would like to get started, start here, with the first book. The books are really intense and have some graphic violence and sex, so if those are triggers, please know this before you get started. Beautifully written and often deeply moving, these are not for the faint of heart (which I actually totally am, but I still love them).

{Side note: one time I waited in line for two-and-a-half hours to meet Diana Gabaldon and have her sign a book for me…and I would totally do it again. You can read that story here.}

Outlander Printable Wall ArtSo anyway, I took this love and turned some of my favorite romantic quotes from Outlander and turned them into wall art. I actually have a long-term plan for these in my own home. We’re  redecorating/repainting our entire house (this is slow going, y’all). We’ve painted the kids’ rooms and now we’re moving onto ours. I’m going to transfer these onto canvas and hang either above the bed, the TV in our room, or some other wall. I am so excited to get the room repainted and reach this point (I will totally share when I do).

Outlander Printable Wall ArtI hope you love this printable Outlander wall art, too. You can download yours below:

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OMG I was so excited to see your Outlander printable linked up! I pinned it!!


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