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Printable Moving Planner

Printable Moving Planner

A couple years ago, we moved to our current home. I made this printable moving planner to help navigate allllll the things that need to happen when you’re moving. It has 15 pages of printables to help with the moving experience, from lining out what you want in your new place to taking notes about the places you visit to planning the actual move. I hope you love it! (and, read on for our crazy moving/not moving story)

Printable Moving Planner

I want to start with my moving story because this market is C R A Z Y and if you’re buying a home right now, I want to congratulate you, because it’s hard!

A few years ago we sold our house to pay off all our debt. It was a great chance for us to start fresh with our finances. The timing was perfect, as our neighbor’s house (next door!) became available. We rented it for two years, until they decided to sell.

This was spring of 2020. We played with the idea of buying something and even looked at some houses. We also thought about renting something bigger and more expensive. But ultimately, we moved into another rental – a slightly smaller one, in the same neighborhood, and for the same amount of rent.

We kept saving, and planned to buy in the winter/spring of 2022 (now). So a few months ago, we got our realtor ready and started house shopping. And y’all, if you’re looking or selling in this market I don’t need to tell you this, but…THIS MARKET IS BONKERS. Bonkers! After watching house prices soar (and soar, and soar, and soar) and seeing houses we put offers on sell more than $100,000 OVER ASKING, we decided nah. We’ll stay put for a couple more years and let things settle down. Honestly, the stress of showings with 50+ people crowded in a house (that happened, and two realtors got into a screaming match that nearly turned physical while we were there) made us realize that it just isn’t the right time for us.

But I know that a lot of people are moving, selling or buying or both. So I think this will get some good use, and I hope it will help make the process just a little bit smoother and less stressful for you!

OK – on to the good stuff.

How to Use Your Printable Planner

This planner comes in two sizes – 8.5×11 and also Classic Happy Planner (7×9.25). You can download the 8.5×11 version here. You can get the version sized for the Classic Happy Planner here (as I write this, I haven’t actually written that post yet…so if I forget to come back and insert the link, or if I haven’t posted it yet, you can shoot me an email and I’ll get you the file!). 

First you’ll want to download the file (which you can do by clicking the big black and white “download” button towards the bottom of this page, or by clicking here).

Go through the files and pick out the pages you want. Print out those pages (you may just want a few of them – print as many as you need to get started). You can keep them in a folder if you don’t have a hole punch, or punch holes for a 3-ring binder or BIG Happy Planner. You can also add divider tabs if you want to section your planner off into things like monthly planning, daily tracking, etc.

I’ll share some of the tools I use here:

  • Paper (I actually have this paper on subscription from Amazon – I get a couple reams sent to me automatically every two months, it is beautiful for planners.)
  • 3-hole punch
  • Binder (this is a cute one – it comes in lots of different prints, but it doesn’t have a clear window to use the cover with – you can find one with a clear front at Walmart for around $3)
  • Dividers (again, you can find some cheap ones at Walmart…but these are super cute)

You can download your Moving Planner here.

What’s Included in the Moving Planner

  • Cover
  • Monthly Calendar Page
  • Important Contacts Page
  • Moving Countdown Timeline
  • To-do List
  • Moving Out Checklist
  • New Home Wishlist
  • New Home Checklist
  • Things to Buy for the New House List
  • New Home Expenses
  • Moving Out Expenses
  • House Hunting Notes Page
  • New Home Mood Board
  • New Home Room Layout Page
  • Lined Note Page


Button not working? You can also download the planner here.



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hey have you uploaded the classic planner size yet. We are moving across country in 3.5 months – need to start organizing the logistics with 2 dogs and 5 cats

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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