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Printable “I Miss You” Postcard

Printable “I Miss You” Postcard

We’ve been sending a lot of snail mail these days. I’ve been a fan of snail mail since I was a kid…I have always been the one to check the mail every day and know exactly what time the mail carrier is supposed to show up. I also love sending mail. Last week, I made this printable “I Miss You” postcard to send to friends and family that we haven’t been able to see in-person for awhile, and my hope is that you’ll love it and use it, too!

Printable Coloring I Miss You Postcard

Printable “I Miss You” Postcard

One of the best parts about this free printable postcard (besides the message!) is that it’s also a coloring page! You can color it before you send it to your favorite people, or send it blank so they can color it.

How to Mail Printable Postcards

You’ll mail this postcard just like any other. I recomment printing on a heavy cardstock. Or, you could print on regular paper and glue it to some heavy construction paper (that would be super cute). As you see it here, you can mail this postcard, printed on cardstock, for one stamp. 

Write the address and any messaging on the back, and stick it in the mail!

You can buy postage online if you are unable to leave the house or don’t have any at home (I did a search on Amazon and you can also buy it there, but at a much higher price).

Printable Coloring Postcard

What is the best cardstock for homemade postcards?

Any cardstock will do, but of course the sturdier the better it will hold up on its journey across the land! I like the store-brand cardstock at Michaels (I use this for lots of paper projects). But you can also buy a super heavy duty cardstock, like this one. Just make sure your home printer can handle the cardstock weight that you choose.

Coloring Postcards

This is a fun zentangle coloring postcard. Zentangle designs are supposed to be stress-relieving. I’ve been coloring a lot lately, both for fun and so I can photograph all the cool printable coloring pages I’ve been uploading to my craft website (check out all the free coloring page printables here). I have definitely enjoyed the downtime I have to make for myself when I sit down to work on a coloring page (or postcard!). 

Homemade postcards for kids

This is a really fun project for kids! Kids can color and send to grandparents, or send blank to a pen pal to color and send back. 

You can download your printable “I Miss You” postcards below. If you have any trouble, email me and I can send you the files directly.

Printable Coloring Postcard

Also, don’t forget to check out the Printable Club. I have hundreds of printables available all in one place for a super-low annual fee. I know you’ll love it!


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I’m interested in the printable club, however on your website, the printable club link is broken.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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