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Printable Horse Planner and Record Book Inserts for Happy Planner

Printable Horse Planner and Record Book Inserts for Happy Planner

Hay, horse girls…this is your for you (and your horse)! Quick side note…did you know that I, too, am a Horse Girl? In the last year or so I’ve found myself thinking a lot about why I’m not doing more horsey things for my blog, since truly, horses are my greatest passion. I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a horse-related blog, even…or writing for a horse publication. Just throwing that out there in the universe. In the meantime, you can enjoy these free printable horse planner inserts for your Happy Planner!

This printable planner is available in two sizes – 8.5×11 and Classic Happy Planner (7×9.25). It’s suitable for one horse, or you can utilize it for your whole barn. I would like to thank my cover model, Seamus, for his assistance. While I think he is beautiful, you may want to use your own horse for the cover! You’ll see two options for downloading at the bottom of this post…just click on the one you need!

This would also make a great supplement to 4H record books. When I was a kid, I made all my own records for my 4H projects. I guess I’m still doing that in a sense, to this day! I don’t know what he current record book rules are, but this printable will give you a comprehensive set of records for your 4H horse project (FFA, same).

How to Use this Horse Planner and Record Book with the Happy Planner System

These pages are specifically designed to fit the Classic Happy Planner, which is 7″ x 9.25″. You can buy a Happy Planner online, at your local Michaels, or on Amazon

You can also make your own, using these printable pages (and whatever other pages you want to include), a DIY cover, and Happy Planner rings

Use any paper you like! This is my favorite paper (I have a subscription to it, and I get two reams every few months).

You will also need a punch designed specifically for the Happy Planner rings. I have this one and use it all the time!

Don’t forget a paper cutter! Scissors will work, but the paper cutter will give you sharp, straight edges every time you use it. I bought ones years ago and it’s held up really well.

To create the cover you see here, download the file and print the front and back covers. I recommend printing the covers on cardstock. I used a Happy Planner Classic DIY Cover that I purchased on Amazon. You can buy one here

This printable prints best on 8.5 x 11 paper and is designed to be cut down to 7×9.25 inches to fit your Happy Planner. 

You can print out all of the pages, or just the ones you need. I recommend printing the pages out individually. if you’re printing pages back-to-front (duplex), do this page by page. It takes a little longer, yes, but you will avoid misprints and save paper, time, and ink (trust me on this!). It may take a couple of times to get into the rhythm if you’ve never done this before, but once you’ve done it a few times I promise it gets easier and makes more sense.

8.5×11 Horse Planner Binder

If you prefer, you can download the 8.5×11 version and make your own binder. 

What comes in this printable horse planner?

You get 20 pages with this planner set! Woohoo! 

  • Cover
  • Monthly Calendar Page
  • 2-Page Weekly Vertical Spread
  • Note Page
  • Horse Information Page
  • Printable Stall Plate
  • Important Contacts
  • Health Records
  • Horse Sitter Notes
  • Sick Horse Care
  • Feed and Supplements
  • Equine Insurance Policy Page
  • Weekly Chore List
  • Monthly Goals Page
  • Training Journal
  • Show Schedule
  • Budget
  • Show Journal
  • Show Packing List
  • Lesson Schedule for Instructors
  • Training Ride Schedule for Trainers

How to download your free printable horse planner and record book

If you have any trouble at all with your planner, please email me directly and I will send you the files! However, you should be able to grab it below without any issues.

Download your 7 x 9.25 Horse Planner (perfect for your Classic Happy Planner) here.

Download your 8.5 x 11 Horse Planner here.




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