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Printable Goal Setting Template

Printable Goal Setting Template

For me, the hardest part about making goals is defining them. It’s very easy to say, “I want to make a million dollars,” but it’s not easy to break that down into steps and really think it all through. Wanting to make a million dollars isn’t enough. You’ve got to follow it up with a plan. This printable goal setting template is a great way to determine, map out, and track your goals.

How to use this printable goal setting template

There are three printables that come in this set. 

First, there’s a Master Goal List. I use mine for annual and quarterly goals, but you can break it up however you want (maybe you want to use a different one for each subjuect, like health, finances, career, etc.)

Then, there’s a Monthly Goal List. Use this to determine your monthly goals and high-priority items. 

And finally, there’s a Multiple Goal Tracking Sheet for laying out a plan and action item for each goal (you can use this for annual goals, quarterly, monthly, weekly, whatever!). 

Goal Setting Template

After organizing my goals this way, I found almost immediate clarity about which action items need to be priorities in order for me to actually reach these goals (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written out my goals only to set them aside and forget about them or lose track of them thanks to a lack of planning). I was even able to check off several of my monthly goals after only a few short days (on a side note – it’s REALLY helpful to sketch out some Really Big Idea goals and then break them down into littler, easily-accomplished goals that all lead toward completing the Really Big Idea).

You can print out as many as you need. These are designed for 8.5×11 paper, which makes them great for putting together a binder with all of your goals and plans.

How to download your goal setting printables

You can download your goal printables by clicking here. Or, you can click on the black and white download button below to download. 



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Love this, Carrie! I love goal setting – when I remember to do it haha.

omgosh, I was really looking for a goal printable on Pinterest and not sure what I would find. Yours is perfect 🙂 I tweeted and sharing with my Facbook group as well. Thanks so much.

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