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Printable Cleaning Binder

Printable Cleaning Binder

This post is sponsored by Febreze ONE. Read on to see how I combine the odor-removing powers of the new Febreze ONE with my printable cleaning binder and a simple cleaning system to keep my house feeling presentable.

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Printable Cleaning Binder

If you know me, there is a 90% chance you’ve seen my house in a messy state. The greater our friendship, the more likely you’ve seen the mess. It’s kind of like a sliding scale – the more our friendship grows, the less work I put into presenting you with a clean home when you visit. Sorry! Printable Cleaning Binder

But I do love a clean home. And while I hope someday to employ the services of a housekeeper, for now that’s not in the cards. So we do our best. 

Printable Cleaning Binder

One thing I’ve learned is that when it comes to cleaning, it’s better to do a little every day than waste the weekend doing it all. I’ve been working on a system lately (can you sense a challenge coming? I can…!) that’s really helped us to maintain a cleaner home. It mostly involves being consistent, doing a little every day, and then filling the gaps with bigger projects on the weekends (but not all weekend, because weekends are for enjoying) and when time permits. 

The key? Being prepared – knowing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and what tools you need to complete it.

Printable Cleaning Binder

One of our ongoing issues is the kids’ bathroom. I don’t know why, but it always stinks (okay, I do know why…kids + bathrooms = messy). When we apply a daily cleaning routine (just simply making the kids pick up their clothes, hang up their towels, and make sure the toilet paper rolls are refreshed as needed) and add in a deeper cleaning once a week, we are able to manage the smell.

Febreze One Bathroom

We’ve also taken to keeping a bottle of Febreze ONE in the bathroom (and several other rooms, for that matter) for quick and easy freshen-ups during the week. 

Frebreze ONE has the same power of the other Febreze products, but has an awesome mist sprayer that gives you a continuous, misty, aerosol effect without the use of aerosols. It includes NO dyes, NO heavy perfumes, and comes in three light scents – Bamboom Orchid and Mandarin. It’s also the only freshener that comes in a reusable package!  

It’s a clean-smelling air freshener that is also incredibly effective (sometimes, I just need products that work, you know what I mean?!). 

Febreze One Mist

The website is super transparent about their ingredients and the safety of their products…you can see everything in all of their products here.

Also – you can use Febreze ONE on fabrics, too. 

Between my fresh-smelling home and the little bits we’ve been doing every day to keep our house clean, it’s looking pretty good up in here, y’all. As you may already know, we’re in a rental. It’s important to keep it in the same condition we found it in, and I really believe that maintaining is easier than trying to fix things and deep clean when the time comes to move.

This printable cleaning binder is so helpful when it comes to creating and maintaning a cleaning system for your home!

Printable Cleaning Binder

Sometimes, though, it can be tough knowing where to get started or what to do next. If I don’t have anything that I “need” to clean, I’ll be tempted to curl up on my cluttered couch and read a book or catch up on some trash TV (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Printable Cleaning Binder

But when I see my housecleaning chores laid out in front of me, I have some direction – and also a chance to check things off my list – which, let’s face it, is half the point of having a list in the first place, amiright?!

Printable Cleaning Binder

You can download the printable cleaning binder below. 

I’d love to know about your house cleaning routine below! Where do you struggle? Where do you shine? What tips do you have for others?


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Oh man this is awesome! I need a routine DESPERATELY!

What a great idea. Have a plan of attack for house cleaning. Beautiful download too.

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