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Printable Christmas Shopping List

Printable Christmas Shopping List

This post brought to you by Toys“R“Us. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Carrie Elle.

Six years ago, we decided that we wanted to get Jack a train table for his second birthday. His birthday is right after Thanksgiving, which means that I do most of his birthday shopping on Cyber Monday. There was a special on train tables at Toys”R”Us, so we dropped him off with my mom and headed into town.

When we got to Toys”R”Us, there was one train table left in the whole store. But the train set that was supposed to come with it was missing. They sold us the train table and directed us to another store to buy the remaining pieces. When we got there, they also only had one train table left in the whole store (do you see a pattern here?). We only wanted the trains, but they told us it had to be sold together. So, we bought it, and then returned to the first store to return the train-less table (and isn’t this funny…there was someone at the store who was looking to buy one, and boy were they happy to see us with our return!).

Printable Christmas Shopping ListAll said, we spent hours that day shuffling back and forth between those two stores, all so we could buy a train table for our two-year-old. 

But you know what? 

It was totally worth it.


That train table was in his room for almost six full years. After he outgrew the trains, it turned into a LEGO table.

It’s battered and well-loved these days, sitting in our garage and waiting for a new home. But it has served us – and especially Jack – so well.  I wouldn’t trade the time we spent tracking it down for anything.

I’m sure this upcoming Cyber Monday will be the same for parents across the country looking to get that one special toy.

The Toys”R”Us Big Book is out and has been entertaining my kids for days. Days, I tell you (when they’re not fighting over it, that is!).

I took their love for toys and turned it into a writing exercise by making them fill out this Christmas wish list, which is super helpful for this mom. I need to take my list-making a step further, though. After compiling the data (found both on the kids’ shopping lists and on the Toys”R”Us wish lists I have stored on my phone), I have to sort through all this and decide what I’m actually going to buy them.

Printable Christmas Shopping ListAnd then I have to decide what I’m going to buy everyone else on my shopping list, too! 

Nieces and nephews and siblings, oh my.

In years past, I’ve made a spreadsheet or written out a list. This year, I thought I’d make this fun printable Christmas shopping list to share with my readers (and get myself organized by default!).

With Cyber Monday here, I need to be organized and have a plan before I start going out and spending money. If I shop without a plan, I overbuy, overspend, and rarely check everyone off on my list (funny how that works!).

And this year? I’m have some very specific requests from the kids (once I got them to stop telling me they want Pokemon cards…ha). Like this Barbie Hoverboarder Doll that actually hovers (these are not your mama’s Barbies!).



We also have a request for a metal detector by my coin-collecting, jewel-hunting son. Not gonna lie. This looks pretty awesome.


I’m sure you have lots of things to buy on your Christmas list this year. You’ll find great deals at Toys”R”Us on Cyber Monday. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find that one special toy that brings your child years of joy (like that train table!).

Printable Christmas Shopping ListGet this printable Christmas shopping list to help you stay on track of what you need to buy, who you’ve bought for, and even whether or not your presents have been shipped. Click on the download button below to download your shopping list.

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What are you looking to buy this Cyber Monday? What are the hot items on your kids’ shopping lists?

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