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Pretty Printable Bookmarks

Pretty Printable Bookmarks

I always have a book I’m reading. Always (right now, I’m re-reading Voyager by Diana Gabaldon, in case you were wondering!). And although I am on occasion totally guilty of committing a great crime against books everywhere – folding the corners – I prefer a cute bookmark. I made these pretty printable bookmarks awhile back and am finally getting around to sharing them here. I hope you love them!

Pretty Printable Bookmarks

And while I’m talking bookmarks…I want to talk books, too! Here are some books I’ve read recently.

Pretty Printable Bookmarks

Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follet – A friend recommended this book over a year ago, and I bought it…then proceeded to shelve it and mostly ignore it because honestly? I just couldn’t be bothered to be interested in a book about cathedral building in the 11th century. Even though I *love* historical fiction…for some reason, I couldn’t make myself pick this book up.

Then, one day, I found myself bookless and in need of something to read so I resigned myself to reading this giant book (it’s pretty big). 

This book grew on me. It grew on me in a slow and sneaky way that I didn’t even realize until it was one-o-clock in the morning one day and I forced myself to put the book down, only to find myself thinking about it for another hour before I could fall asleep. In fact, when I finished the book, I missed the characters for weeks after.

11th century cathedrals don’t need to be your thang for you to love this book. My only complaint (without spoiling anything) – I kind of wished for a slightly different ending. 

Pretty Printable BookmarksGone Girl, by Gillian Flynn – It’s been awhile since I read this book, and for awhile, it was EVERYWHERE. But I think that’s with good reason. 

Moving along at a quick pace with unexpected twists and turns, this thriller will make you think. Like, are my totally normal acquaintances actually sociopaths? It seems a good question to ask, right?! You won’t want to put this book down.

Pretty Printable BookmarksThe Oregon Trail, by Rinker Buck – I like to switch up my books between contemporary fiction, classics, self-help books (Lord knows I need those!) and non-fiction. I chose this book because it was an Amazon recommendation, I like history, and I love mules. 

The autobigraphical tale of Rinker Buck and his brother as they take a covered wagon across the Oregon Trail, this book is full of meaningful stories, Oregon trail fact checks, and inspiring adventure. I mean, really…by the time I put this book down, I was pretty sure that I needed to cross the Oregon Trail myself. Maybe not with mules, but just somehow, someway…I need to see the things of which Rinker Buck wrote. 

Pretty Printable BookmarksHave you read any of these? Loved them…hated them? I’d love to know!

And don’t forget your pretty printable bookmarks! I printed these on card stock and used a paper cutter to cut them (I own that paper cutter and I use it ALL the time – it’s fantastic).

You can get your printable bookmarks here:


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Pillars of the Earth was wonderful! Like you, I felt a bit depressed for awhile when I finished it. He had two other books in that series that I’ll looking forward to reading.

Thank you for the pretty bookmarks!

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