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Planner Supplies Organization: Creative Options

Planner Supplies Organization: Creative Options

I have *way* too many planner accessories, you guys. Way. Too. Many. 

Just kidding.

You can never have too many planner supplies! 

But I do have a ton.  And honestly, they’ve kind of been weighing me down. Between the stacks of planner stickers, an overflowing box of washi tape, and four mugs full of pens (not counting the zipper pouch of pens I always take with me, or the extra markers I have stashed in a drawer), I kind of feel like there are planner accessories evvvverywhere. Let’s just say my planner supplies organization has been non-existent at best.

Planner Supplies Organization

Planner Supplies OrganizationAnd if I feel like it’s everywhere, you can only imagine the comments I get from my loving husband when the dinner table is covered in stickers and pens and washi (ha!).

In theory, I keep all of my planners and planner accoutrements in a corner of my office until I need them. Unfortunately, I need them like EVERY DAY, so I end up spreading things all around the house.

I decided it was time to get it all together.

I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a Creative Options Grab ‘N Go Medium Rack System (you can buy one here). Tthis is the medium-sized one…although I ended up buying a second, bigger one, too!). The Grab N’ Go comes with three removable utility boxes. The boxes have compartments that you can customize using plastic dividers (included with the Medium Rack System). 

Planner Supplies OrganizationI decided to start off by making a cute label for the front of the Medium Rack System. You can download your own label, which will fit the Medium Rack System (and probably the large one, too, but I haven’t tried it yet) below. I have several options for you – the exact one I used, one with a blank space (use a permanent marker to write in whatever you’d like), and one that is plain white, if you want to print on white sticker paper.

I used clear sticker paper (let it dry completely before you try to cut it out or write on it!). You can download the labels here, or by clicking on the black and white download button below.


Planner Supplies OrganizationOnce I had the label on, I started putting all of my planner supplies in their new home.

Planner Supplies OrganizationI put stickers on top. I am overwhelmed by all my stickers (I got most of them at a planner conference!). I don’t know what the best way is, yet, to organize them so I can easily find what I’m looking for. Fot now, it’s easier for me to be able to shuffle through them all…and the top compartment was the perfect space!

Planner Supplies Organization

Planner Supplies OrganizationI knew I wanted most of my pens to be stored in the Creative Options Medium Rack System, so I dedicated the top drawer to my Sharpies and most-used pens.

Planner Supplies OrganizationSecond drawer? More pens and some other loose ends I had laying around.

Planner Supplies OrganizationIn the third drawer, I stored my washi, pencils, and a few more odds and ends.

Planner Supplies OrganizationIt all fit! And then I was able to put it where it belongs – in a corner of my office. I was also able to remove all the mugs from my desk, fill my washi box with pens I want to have nearby, and get rid of my previous sticker storage. Woohoo!

My planner supplies haven’t been this organized in, ummm…ever. It really feels great to have everything in one place, and I love how convenient the Grab ‘N Go Medium Rack System is…I can easily move it from my office to the dinner table when I need room to spread out (and then, easily pack it up and put it away!).

You can buy this same tote here.


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I definitely need to better organize my planner supplies. I recently got into using my planner more and also washi tape. Now I have a new addiction to washi tape.

I just bought my first planner. I’m excited to decorate it. Thanks for the storage ideas!

planner + organizing = sheer bliss I’m now in the motivated to go reorganize my supplies. Thanks for sharing at the #ThisIsHowWeRoll Link Party.

Where did you get the box

Hobby Lobby! They also have them at Walmart and I think Michaels…but with a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby, that was by far the best deal I found! 🙂

Maybe try one of those photo albums. The ones you can carry around.

For your sticker sheets I mean.

Where can I find the cute neoprene zipper case with the colorful geometric pattern??? It is super cute!! (In the first and fifth photos) 🙂

I absolutely LOVE YOUR planner organization ideas!!


I really need something on its own like what your marker pens are in, but I don’t need or want a tote that big. Wonder if I could find something similar for my markers. It does look like each compartment pops out, though; is that right? In any case, I need something that I can use to divide all my most used markers, that isn’t bulky or difficult to carry if I want to take it somewhere with me, as I have various small pencil cases and pencil totes and so on, with varied markers in each, and they seem to be everywhere, lol, and I have to keep switching between them as I need particular markers or pens.

I LOVE this tote. I totally need to do this! My current system isn’t working at all. Thanks for sharing a great idea!

I just bought my first planner. I’m excited to decorate it. Thanks for the storage ideas!


What planner conference did you go to?

Where can I buy the multicolor wedding quilt print bag in the first picture?

I have a bit of a washi problem, so I would need one for washi and one for pens and other stuff. LOL I got a half size binder with page protectors to put my sticker sheets in, but it doesn’t fit the bigger ones like from Recollections and MAMBI, so I’m looking for other options. I have one of these that I’m thinking about moving my supplies into:

Ordered the box right after viewing your page! I wanted to know where did you get the clear sticker sheet you printed the label on? Love your work. Keep it up! ☺️

Hi Carrie, I placed an order for a Keto journal n a meal planner. Could you tell me when I might expect delivery. I’m excited to start using them! Thank you so much 😊

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