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How to Meal Plan for a Month

Have you ever meal planned for a month at a time before? It sounds daunting – but I promise you, it’s super simple and can save you tons of time.

Check out the video below to see how I meal plan for a month at a time. As you’ll see, this is a super simple strategy! {sorry about my scratchy voice – I lost my voice, but thought this would be much easier to share in a video}

Once I’ve created the monthly meal plan, it’s really easy to jot down the week’s dinners and create a shopping list each Sunday (or whenever you start your meal planning week!).

Of course, if you’ve been saving your favorite recipes and keeping your favorite meal plans on-hand, you could always use those to fill up your month, too!

Do you have some great tips for meal planning for several weeks at a time? Or want to discuss this in more detail? Join us in the Facebook group!

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Here by accident? Hi! You’ve stumbled upon my 30 Day Meal Planning Challenge. You can learn more here.


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