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How to Make a Washi Heart (Super Simple Craft!)

How to Make a Washi Heart (Super Simple Craft!)

Earlier this week I shared Claire’s button heart craft. While she was working on that, I was working on this – a washi heart! I have a bunch of Washi tape just hanging around. Like the buttons (and pens, and stickers, and scrapbook paper…), I just can’t seem to stop buying it. 

I told myself I’d use some of the Valentine’s Day washi tape I bought OR ELSE…and so I did. And now I’ll show you how to make a washi heart, and give you a few ideas if you want to take this craft a step further.

Valentines Day Washi TapeFirst, you need a heart template. I printed out this heart on card stock.  You could just as easily draw one, though. I folded over the top and bottom (at the edges of the heart) so I’d know where to apply the tape. 

How to Make a Washi HeartTurn your paper over and start applying the washi in strips between the folds. I did straight lines, but it would also be cute if you did them diagonally! 

Pretty Washi TapeOnce you’ve filled the area you’re going to cut with the washi, flip it over and cut out your heart (that kind of sounds like an Indiana Jones movie).

Printable Heart

Washi Heart CraftI framed it and set it on the mantel next to Claire’s button heart. They are so cute together!

Washi Tape HeartThis took me about 10 minutes to make (maybe…if I include the time it took me to get it framed!). I already had the washi tape, so I didn’t pay for that…it’s usually about $1/roll, but I found this awesome washi tape on Amazon for only about $3 for a bunch of rolls (and they’re RAINBOW…I sense another project coming on!).

Here are some other ideas if you want to expand on this simple craft:

  • Cut out a bunch of little hearts and use them for valentines, wreaths, or a garland.
  • If you want to make a garland, get some little Valentines Day clothespins at Michaels and some twine…just pin the hearts to the twine for a super simple and adorable garland for your mantel or staircase (or wherever!).
  • Cover the other side in washi, too…make a bunch and hang them from the ceiling or a doorway with twine or yarn.

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I’m going to go dig out my washi tape right now!!! Thanks!

I received my first load of washi tape in the mail yesterday! I want to thank you so much for this great project!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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