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Make Anything Happen Downloads and More

Welcome, Make Anything Happen readers! I am glad you’re here! On this page you’ll find lots of free downloads and other information that I think you will find helpful. I update this page frequently, so check back often for more free goodies. 

Did you stumble across this page by accident? You can grab the Make Anything Happen book here.

Also, I would love to have you join the Make Anything Happen Facebook Group. This is a positive place where we share ideas, inspiration, vision board help, and goal-setting tips. It’s a great way to keep yourself accountable and inspired.

You can find the Make Anything Happen Facebook Page here.

Throughout the book, you’ll see many examples of the vision boards and goal setting pages I am talking about. But there are lots (and lots!) of pictures in the book. Below, I clarify a bit on some of the images.

At the very bottom of this page, you’ll find links to all of the free downloads referenced in the book.

Best Life Vision Board Sample:

Vision Board Created from a Vision Board template (available at the bottom of this post):

Example of how I manage my workload with a Project Manager:

Vision Board Templates

Vision Board Quote Cards and Printable Affirmation Cards

Vision Board Inspiration

Goal Tracking Printables

Planning Printables



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