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Texas Paradise at Long Cove

Texas Paradise at Long Cove

I used to think I wanted a second home in Oregon, or California. Of course, in my alter-reality. where I actually have a second home, I can teleport myself and the kids across the country and into our home at a moment’s notice. 

In real life, though, if I were to buy a second home, it would likely be in Texas. And definitely on the water somewhere.

Long CoveA couple weeks ago, Claire, my mom, and I all drove out to Long Cove in Malakoff, Texas. Located on Cedar Creek Lake, Long Cove is a lakefront development geared towards families who appreciate a lake lifestyle and don’t want to drive a million hours (or have to teleport) from Dallas to their vacation home.

You guys. This place was AMAZING. I am familiar with the area, having living relatively close to Malakoff for nearly eight years before we moved to the ‘burbs. I know there are some pretty spots on Cedar Creek Lake, but this was the first time I had been to this side of the lake…and I felt like I had been transported to a tropical resort.

Long Cove Flag PoleWe visited on the day before Easter, for the Long Cove Spring Fling (Easter egg hunts and live music and food tucks, oh my!). This gave us a great chance to get an idea for the strong sense of community and also all of the amenities Long Cove has to offer (check out this video for a tour of the location and amenities). And, there was face painting, which is Claire’s favorite.

Face Painting at Long Cove

Long Cove FlagAll of the homes at Long Cove are lakefront. For families that love boating, spending time in the great outdoors, golf, and quality time at the pool, the amenities can’t be beat. 

Dock at Long Cove

Long Cove Boat ValetClaire’s favorite part (aside from the Easter Egg hunt, and the Longhorn cattle lounging in a pasture on the property, and the pool…) was the sandy little beach area right by the water. It was begging to be played in.

Sandy Beach at Long CoveLong Cove is located on the deeper end of Cedar Creek Lake, which really does make a difference. The water was high and the views of the lake were stunning, no matter where we stood. We took a home tour of the model homes (which gave me Home Envy, sigh), and the first thing I noticed was how impressive the views were and what beautiful natural light filled the homes.

You can check out the home sites and see which properties are available here.

Long Cove Texas Home

Long Cove RoomResidents have access to the Toy Barn, where they can check out everything from footballs to bikes. Boat owners will love the Boat Valet program, and people who want to own a boat but also kind of don’t want to own a boat because of all the work I am told they require will love the Boat Club, which allows them access to number of boats – without the headache of actually owning it.

And my favorite thing? The concierge service, which can stock your fridge and deliver anything you forgot to pack. 

I believe that if you’re going to have a vacation home, you should enjoy it! I love the idea of showing up to a fully-stocked fridge, participating in the weekend activities organized by Long Cove, and mostly, hanging out with a good book by the pool. Yes. That is where you would find me.

Long Cove Texas PoolWe’re not ready for a second home.


But when we are? I know where we’ll be looking.

You can find more information about Long Cove here:

  • Long Cove website
  • Watch a video about the available properties here
  • Meet the staff here

Find me on Facebook for easy recipes, free printables, super simple kid-friendly crafts, and things to do in Dallas. I’d love to have you join me over there.



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