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July Journal Prompts, Affirmations, and Printables

July Journal Prompts, Affirmations, and Printables

Welcome back, journalers! I am so glad you’re here. Journaling is a practice in my own life that has helped my find clarity, peace, and growth. I hope to share that with you here in a way that makes it simple, sustainable, and enjoyable. If you’re new here, these July journal prompts wrap up a year of journal prompts. I created these prompts to help you develop or grow your journaling practice, and I am so grateful that you are along for the ride!

You can find previous month’s prompts here (you can do any of these prompts at any time…some prompts have a seasonal feel to them, but they will translate well to any month):

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July Journal Prompts

I have provided 31 prompts – one for each day of the month. You can go through the list in order, mix it all up, or skip the prompts entirely that don’t interest you. You may find that one prompt really resonates with you and want to journal on that for several days, or even for the entire month. Remember that journaling is very personal and that there is no “formula” for doing it right. Most of my own journaling involves just writing out my thoughts and feelings based on things I was feeling, something I experienced, or something that I needed to work out in my head and heart.

How to Use These July Journal Prompts

There is no right or wrong way to journal. You may find yourself journaling for pages and pages on one prompt, and only writing down a word or a short sentence for another. That’s totally okay!  This is your journal, and your journey.

Some of these prompts have a spiritual feel. That’s because for me, journaling is a spiritual practice. However, if that word doesn’t resonate with you just replace anything of that nature with “highest self” – that is really what we are all working towards here. 

I do recommend incorporating a gratitude practice into your journaling practice. All you need to do is write down one thing you’re grateful for each day (although you can certainly write down as many as feels right – here’s a lot more help if you are new to gratitude journaling!).

How to Use These July Affirmations

I have included a printable page of affirmations for you, as well as a place in the printable journaling packet that encourages you to write your own affirmations. You can write them down (I always recommend this) and/or say them out loud. Saying them out loud is very powerful! You can also use these as a mantra if you meditate, or just as reminders to yourself throughout the day. You can read this post about how to use affirmations for more help – I really believe in affirmations and think they have a place in your journaling practice, too! 🙂

Here are your July Affirmations:

  • Think bigger!
  • I am creative.
  • I am capable of working through fear.
  • Love is all around me.

What Type of Journal to Use

Again – no rules here! Use whatever journal you like the best. I have included journaling printables here. You may want to use these (as you’ll see, I have one for “long form” journaling and one for shorter entries). I’ll be releasing new ones every month, so you may want to use these and keep them together in a binder or folder. Or you can use any notebook you have around the house. Some people like to keep a digital journal, or just keep a file on their laptop. I type a lot faster than I write, but I always use a pen and paper to journal with. It just feels more cleansing to me.

You don’t need anything fancy or expensive to get started though. Truly, all you need is a place to write. <3 

I have written out all 31 of the prompts below. You can download the May Journal Prompts, along with the Journaling Printables, at the bottom of this post. 

You can download the Journal Prompts here. 🙂 

Journal Prompts for June

What does July’s energy feel like to you?

You’re in a field surrounded by flowers. What kind are they?

How can you love your body today?

What is the best vacation you’ve ever taken?

When is the last time you told someone you love them?

Write about a book you’re reading or a show you’re watching.

Compare this July to last July. What has changed? What has stayed the same?

Ask your body what food it wants. What does it say?

What does this time of year mean to you?

How did June feel?

Does July bring up any emotions for you that you need to work through?

How are you finding joy in nature?

How are you finding joy within yourself?

What is a lesson you have learned this year?

Write down three things you’re grateful for today.

If you wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?

Ask your body what exercise it wants. What does it say?

What is the last thing that inspired you?

What do you love about water?

Ask your highest self to guide your writing, and then write a letter to yourself.

Do you meditate? Why or why not?

Start a page in your journal where you collect meaningful quotes.

How can you show gratitude to your living space?

What is something you want to improve in yourself?

Write down three things you love about yourself and would never, ever change.

What gives you life?

How can you celebrate summer?

List all the things you love about a pet (or any animal you’ve known).

What is your favorite color right now?

What is something you love to wear?

What are you looking forward to in August?

You can download the Journal Prompts here. 🙂 

You can also download by clicking on the black and white download button below. Have trouble? Shoot me an email and I will send you the files.




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