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How I Upgraded My Wardrobe and Took the Stress Out of My Mornings, Too


You guys know I love thredUP – they sent me a credit and today I’m sharing what I bought with you (and I’ve purchased from them several times, on my own) as well as sharing one change I made to my closet that has revolutionized my mornings (no, really…revolutionized!). 

thredUP PurchasesA couple of weeks ago, this happened: I was sitting in my office, in a total funk, wearing my Costco workout pants (much love, Costco workout pants!) and a baggy t-shirt that I kind of actually hate and find a little bit cringe-worthy. I couldn’t seem to get anything done, and ALL THE CAFFEINE IN THE WORLD wasn’t helping. With a sigh, I closed my laptop. I did my hair, got dressed in jeans and a new shirt, put makeup on, and returned to my office.

I felt rejuvenated. For whatever reason, taking that little bit of extra time and putting on something I loved turned my day around.

And so I decided, right then and there, that this year, I would make a real effort to wear clothes that I love. Peace out, yoga pants*. I’m getting DRESSED each day**. 

The first thing I did was buy some new clothes that I was excited about wearing.

Upgrade your wardrobe

I bought a few things on a shopping trip (like pants), but many of the things I ordered online. Several times now, I’ve purchased clothes from thredUP (if you’re unfamiliar with thredUP, it’s an online clothing boutique that sells like-new clothes from brands you know and trust – and in some cases, the clothes are still new with tags on them). If you’d like, you can read about my first thredUP experience here.

Prices are SUPER reasonable, shipping is quick, and they also have kid clothing – you can save a TON of money shopping this way.

I’ve learned, about online shopping in general, to buy brands I am already familiar with so I know how they fit and what to expect…this really helps me when I’m buying something without trying it on first (but if you don’t love something, you can totally return it).

For right around $75, here’s what I bought:

  • Gap Sweater $14.49
  • Gap Sweater $14.49
  • Ann Taylor LOFT Sleeveless Blouse (NEW with tags) $19.49
  • Ann Taylor LOFT cardigan $15.99
  • The Limited Short Sleeve Blouse $12.49

(If you sign up using one of my links, you’ll get $20 credit to apply to your order…which could be a free outfit.)

thredUp Sweater

My order arrived in a cheery polka-dotted box, with my shirts all wrapped up in pretty tissue paper and in pristine condition. Once I had this box in-hand, I was ready to redo my closet.

thredUP boxI started by taking EVERYTHING out of my closet. Every pair of pants, every tank top, every dress, every everything. I piled it all up and went through it, piece by piece, putting it in one of three piles: donate, store for next season, put back in the closet.

I only kept things that I truly LOVED. This means I even got rid of some of the more functional items in my closet (and truly, I’m all about function). If it wasn’t something I really loved and got excited about wearing, I decided not to keep it.

Cleaning Closet

Organizing Closet

Tank TopsI ended up with waaaaay fewer clothes…but a closet full of stuff that brings me happiness!

ClosetBut here’s the other thing. Not only did I have a closet full of frumpy stuff, but I also realized that I had a LOT of clothes that I never, ever wear. Every morning, I stand in my closet and stare at everything and can’t decide on what to wear, so I default to workout pants. If I don’t? I’ll try on ten things, decide I don’t like any of it, be late to drop my daughter off at school, and STILL end up in a pair of stretchy black pants with an old shirt.

Every Sunday, I lay out my kids’ clothes for the weeks in bins marked with each day of the week. It saves and INCREDIBLE amount of time, and it also let me know which clothes are never getting worn so I can donate them or put them into rotation.

I decided to apply this same technique to myself.

I bought some clothing rack dividers and got to work with my Sharpies (you could also probably find some cute days-of-the-week stickers, but, I really wanted to put these Sharpies to work!).

Closet Dividers

DIY Closet DividersI hung them in my closet and then spent some time picking out outfits for the week. Not just random outfits, but cute ones that actually used items in my closet I never wore (and in one case? a cardigan I have NEVER worn, that I’ve owned for a year now). 

Closet Dividers


DIY Closet DividersI can’t even tell you how much easier my mornings have become. Not only that, but I’m actually wearing the clothes I own – all of which I love. And weirdly enough? This makes me feel way more productive, too!

You can check out thredUP, get $20 in credit, and be inspired to update your own closet on a budget here.

*I still love you, yoga pants. 

**Let’s be realistic: MOST days.


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I love all of this!! I am currently reading the magic of tidying up and I think a major closet cleanout is in my future! ha!

I think i just found my soul sister lol

This is such a great idea! I need to clean out my closet — I have TONS of stuff when I worked in corporate America. I never wear it anymore…why am I holding on to it?!?

I’ve been meaning to do a big closet clean out for awhile! I love thred up for kids clothes, but it’s harder for clothes for me. How do you know what will fit well? Are returns easy? The pictures of the pants all look so unflattering just laying there flat with a smooshy butt. 🙂

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