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Hawaiian Falls on a Budget


I’m a Hawaiian Falls blogger. I’ll be sharing promotions, helpful information and tips about our local Hawaiian Falls in Garland. All opinions are my own.

Summer with kids can be surprisingly expensive. Send the kids off to a camp or two, take some day trips, and visit the local amusement park and before you know it, you’ve blown your budget. It’s easy to think, “We’ll just stay home and chill out this summer,” but I know how it can be…sometimes you NEED to go somewhere and get out of the house, and that isn’t always free.

If you’re in the Dallas area and have kids, you’ve likely visited your local Hawaiian Falls. This is a great summertime activity – you can spend a few hours of the whole day at the water park, and the kids come home happy and tired. That’s what summer is all about.

Hawaiian Falls GarlandBut again – like anything, it can add up! 

Here are some ways to save at Hawaiian Falls this summer.

If you plan on visiting often, buy a season pass. Season passes are economical if you’re visiting three times or more. PLUS, you get perks like early park entry, 20% discounts on food, and entry to all five parks. Through June 30th, you can get a season pass at Walgreens for $30 off the regular price! 

Save with Tiki Twilight Tickets. Admission to the park is only $21.99/person every Monday through Thursday from 4PM to closing (6PM).  This is also a good time to visit because you can plan on eating afterwards, further saving money (and if it’s not crowded, two hours is plenty of time to hit all the slides).

Hawaiian Falls GarlandIf you have five or more people in your party, visit on Sundays. On Sundays, tickets are 5 for $115. Additional tickets can be purchased for $23/person.

Bring your own lunch. You’ll have to pay a $15 cooler fee, but if you’ve got several people, bringing your own food and paying the cooler fee can help you save significantly. You can fill it with snacks, your lunch, and drinks.

If you purchase discounted tickets and avoid eating in the park (or bring your own food), you can save upwards of $15-20 per person, which is significant (especially if you have a large crowd).

I’ll keep you posted as new promotions and deals pop up. Be sure to join me on Facebook for the latest!

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