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Hamilton Party Printables

Hamilton Party Printables

Raise your glass to…Hamilton! OK, and also raise it to freedom, like the song says. But today I’m celebrating (and I do mean celebrating!) Hamilton and it’s release on Disney+. My whole family has been anxiously awaiting the release, and we’re planning a whole day around it. These Hamilton Party Printables are just some of the fun things we’ve got planned (read on for more inspiring ideas to help you throw the perfect Hamilton bash).

Charles and I saw Hamilton last March in Dallas. I think it took me about 30 seconds of watching the show to fall completely in love with it. I knew nothing about it before I saw it, so it was just like unwrapping a super awesome present as the show unfolded! We started listening to the soundtrack (on the way home and then basically nonstop for the next 14 months and counting…) and it just got better, and better, and better. My daughter, who was seven at the time, also became obsessed with the soundtrack and subsequently anything related to Alexander Hamilton, Elizabeth Schulyer, or Lin-Manuel Miranda (she even told me that if she could pick the perfect neighbors, she would pick her Memaw, Grammie, and Lin-Manuel to live on her street, lol).

We learned that Hamilton was coming to Fort Worth and for Christmas we bought tickets for the family to see the show on June 16th. And wouldn’t you know, the pandemic came and canceled basically everything. The plus side is that Disney bumped up the release of the movie, so in some way, we still get our fix! If you’re wondering if Hamilton is suitable for kids, I’ve written a post about it. There will be some language in the Disney+ version, so your kids *will* hear an F-bomb or two (unless you know when to skip or mute it!).

Here are some ideas beyond these Hamilton party printables for throwing the perfect Hamilton celebration.

How to Use These Printables

I’ve only shown pictures of about half of what’s included in this Hamilton party pack. I was too lazy/hot to take pictures of everything (I took these outside and it was like 90 and humid). So, here’s a rundown of everything that’s included so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting:

  • 5×7 party invitations (for the day when we can have parties again…!)
  • How Lucky We Are to be Alive Right Now 8×10
  • Cupcake toppers (8 designs)
  • Water bottle labels
  • Banner with blank circles if you’d like to create a message on it
  • Tent cards (two labeled, the rest blank) in 4 designs
  • Placemats (in two designs)

18th Century Recipes for Hamilton Party

You can obviously throw a Hamilton party full of cupcakes (a little research told me that cupcakes have been around since at least 1796!), but it would be reallllly fun to break out the earthen oven for some authentic 18th century fine dining. 

OK, no earthen oven necessary but I think you’ll love this 18th century Macaroni recipe, which you can make at home, no earthen oven necessary! {Earthen oven = words I wasn’t expecting to type today.} I actually love that YouTube channel. It’s everything 1700s and there are lots of food videos!

Here are some other food ideas that are authentice to the time period.

18th Century Cocktail Recipes for Hamilton Watch Party

While the Hamilton Day we’re throwing will be for the kids…just kidding, it’s really for me. So there will be cocktails. Lucky me, Sangria’s predecessor, Sangaree, originated in the 1700s and would have been a popular drink during Hamilton’s time. 

Here’s a recipe for a Port Sangaree (I am not a bartender, but I think you’d be fine to swap out the port for a regular old red if you’re not a fan of port wines!). 

If that’s not kicky enough, try this Brandy Sangaree (it looks like you can make a big batch of Sangaree and just add a shot of brandy for those who need/want it!).

18th Century Costumes

Want to dress up? You can, of course, DIY an 18th century costume, but that seems like a lot of work for the average person. Here’s a video about how crazy getting dressed in the 1700s was for women (no thank you!). My daughter and I have watched a bunch of those videos and they’re super entertaining. 

Amazon has a plethora of 18th century costumes. If you don’t want to go all out (not sure how comfy those costumes are for a Hamilton watch party, TBH), just splurge on a wig (powdering optional).

What You Need to Print These Printables for Your Party

Now, let’s get those printables! If you want some tips on printing gorgeous, pro-quality printables, read this post.

I recommend printing on cardstock (regular paper won’t hold up nearly as well). You’ll also need scissors or a paper cutter to cut everything out. I have this paper cutter and it’s fantastic – I use it all the time for printables.

If you’re using the banner, you’ll need a hole punch and some ribbon. You could also use clothespins and ribbon to hang the banner.

I used tape to secure the water bottle labels. I also planned on using toothpicks to hold the cupcake toppers, but I didn’t have any when I went to take the photos. Booo, Unprepared Carrie. 

You can download the printables below. If you have any problems, shoot me an email and I’ll send you the files!



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