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All About Grapevine Wine Tours (with a Coupon Code, Too!)

All About Grapevine Wine Tours (with a Coupon Code, Too!)

I went on a complimentary wine tour, courtesy of Grapevine Wine Tours, to facilitate this post. It was SO FUN that I am making plans to go again for our anniversary. Read on for all the details, and be sure to grab the Grapevine Wine Tours coupon code at the bottom of this post before you book your own tour!

This should come as no surprise, but, I love wine. The darker and more intense, the better, but let me be clear – I’m no wine snob! I can’t tell the difference between a “nice” bottle of wine or wine from a box (they make fancy boxed wines these days, y’all). I drink wine because I like it, and I choose my bottles based on the label as often as the contents. Clearly, I am no expert.

So when the chance arose to not only try a bunch of different Texas wines, but also to learn a little bit about them, too…I was excited. This is right up my alley, folks.

Grapevine Wine Tours

Grapes at Delaney Vineyards & Winery in Grapevine, TX.

If you are a wine-drinker in the Dallas area, you may have already heard of Grapevine Wine Tours. But if not, let me give you a quick briefing on what the tours entail. 

Led by a helpful and informative tour guide (shout out to Roger!), the tour stops at two wineries and a restaurant (for dinner or lunch, depending on which tour you choose). The wineries vary, but if there is a particular winery you’d like to visit, you can make a request and they will do their best to accomodate your wish when booking. The entire tour lasts about four hours from start to finish (you will be picked up and dropped off at one of several Grapevine hotels, although if you are booking a large group they can pick you up at your location – anywhere in Dallas!). You’ll enjoy a climate-controlled shuttle as your tour guide points out the sites and historical markers in Grapevine as you head to the wineries. 

You’ll have plenty of time to sample everything the winery has to offer before heading to your next stop. The tour ends at a fantastic local restaurant for a three-course meal and (what else?) more wine. This is a great chance to get exposed to some fabulous Texas wines (did you know Texas is the #4 producer of grapes in the US?).

Grapevine Wine Tour Homestead Winery

Our group (a fun bunch of local bloggers) started off at the Embassy Suites parking lot, where we boarded our shuttle and headed to Homestead Winery. Here we got to try lots and lots of different wines, from (my personal favorite) a “jammie” Bois D’Arc to a spicy Malbec blend to a wine called Chocolate Rose (which tastes like chocolate and was divine).

Located in a (very) old house, Homestead Winery is full of not only delicious wine, but lots of character, too. You’ll love the charm this place has to offer. And be sure to check out the discounted wines in the back of the store…they have some amazing deals going on!

Homestead Winery

Our next stop was Delaney Vineyards & Winery. Unlike most of the local wineries, Delaney Vineyards has an actual vineyard on site (see the first picture in this post? That was taken at Delaney). Delaney Vineyards is a prime venue for weddings (and I can see why…the bride makes a grand entrance down an incredible staircase, and there is plenty of room for the ceremony and the after-party). 

At Delaney Vineyards, we had a chance to learn about their wine-making process (which is fascinating, actually!) before sitting down and enjoying several of their wines.

Delaney Vineyards Venue

Delaney Winery

Cheers at Delaney Vineyard

Cheers at Delaney Vineyard (on a side note – they brought out these little chocolate-covered pomegranates that were INSANE).

After all that wine, we were getting hungry. It was *perfect* timing for an amazing dinner at Winewood Grill. We were seated, and right off the bat enjoyed some more Texas wine. I don’t like white wine. At all, really. I think it tastes like hairspray. So imagine my shock and pleasure when I decided to try the Chardonay at the table and loved it. This taught me a valuable life lesson…basically, try all the wine all the time, because you never really know what you’re going to like, right?!

Dinner was delicious. My favorite part was the Tomato Bisque, because YUM.

Winewood Wine

Tomato Bisque at Winewood

Grapevine Wine Tours are perfect for date nights, Girls Night Out, bachelorette parties, and corporate events. You can even package a wine tour with a night at one of several Grapevine hotels (see the full list here). Ticket prices range from $79-89/person (depending on whether you do a lunch or dinner tour). 

Now through September 1st, 2014, book your wine tour and save 10% with Grapevine Wine Tours coupon code BLOG10.

Have you done a wine tasting tour before? What about a Texas wine tasting tour?




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Um…who knew Texas was a great place for wine? Awesome pics as usual…when am I getting the invite to visit?!

This is the first wine tour I’ve ever been on. I enjoyed the picturesque vineyards at Delaney so much. I had a great time, and am planning to take my parents on a Grapevine Wine Tour the next time they come to visit us.

I love that you said you can’t tell the difference from a fancy bottle of wine and a cheap box wine. I can’t either. I love it all. 🙂 This experience was so fun. I loved visiting a real vineyard for the first time. I haven’t been able to stop telling people about this. It’s such a fun idea!

Weren’t those chocolate covered pomegranates delicious, I love those things! It was fun hanging out and sipping great wine with an amazing group of women!

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