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Gold Candy Corn Wreath

Gold Candy Corn Wreath

Apparently, there are people in this world who hate candy corn. Until recently, I had no idea how polarizing these defenseless little candies could be. But apparently, they’re up there with black olives, raisins and water chestnuts (all of which I love) when it comes to Foods You Love or Hate. 

Gold Candy Corn WreathWell…I love them. I love to eat them, but I also think they’re adorable, and a few years back I made this super fun candy corn wreath.  You can get the full tutorial for the original wreath here.

Candy Corn Halloween WreathIt’s held up incredibly well (not a single candy corn has fallen off, thankyouverymuch E6000 craft glue). The years have given the candy corn a sort of dull and dingy look though. For the last couple of years I keep telling myself that I’ll update the wreath and turn it into a gold candy corn wreath with a coat or two of gold spray paint that I have around the house, but you know how it goes.Gold Candy Corn WreathWell, this year I finally took the five minutes (yes, that is literally all it took) to update the wreath and I wanted to share it with y’all and teach you how I did it in case you want to bypass the regular candy corn wreath in favor of this gold look from the very beginning. 

Gold Candy Corn Wreath

Seriously, this craft was really easy to make to begin with. I just glued a bunch of candy corns onto a wooden craft ring that I’d painted black. You don’t need to add the “BOO” at the bottom of the wreath if you don’t want to, but I grabbed these cute wooden letters at Michaels for only about $.50 each, so I went ahead and added them.

Gold Candy Corn WreathHere are my affiliate links to all of the supplies I used to create this craft:

  • Wooden craft ring
  • Candy corn
  • Black craft paint (I use the brand you can buy in little containers for about $1 at Walmart or Michaels)
  • Small wooden letters
  • Ribbon (I used black ribbon I already had around the house, but any pretty ribbon will do…I’d actually use a giant box next time)
  • Gold spray paint

Gold Candy Corn Wreath

Be sure to pin it for later!

Gold Candy Corn WreathToday, I took the wreath outside and sprayed it down with the gold spray paint on my front lawn. I used one (thick) coat of paint, let it dry, and that was it. It took me five minutes, and most of the time was spent on the bow (which, as you can see, is a clear indication of my bow-making skills…which is to say, I have none). 

Gold Candy Corn WreathI’m super obsessed with gold right now, and have been for awhile (since I was, like, seventeen, technically), so this project has been on my radar for awhile. It’s amazing how hard it can be to find the time sometimes!

Gold Candy Corn WreathNow I’ve got this cute wreath hanging in my house (you could hang it on the door, but the sun hits my door pretty hard for several hours a day and I didn’t want it to fade, so inside it goes).

Another reason to loooooove candy corn! 😉

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