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Gilmore Girls Printable Wall Art (that you can COLOR)

Gilmore Girls Printable Wall Art (that you can COLOR)

Gilmore Girls is everything. I mean, I just started watching it a few months ago, and I am pretty sure it’s a small miracle I’ve survived this long without this show in my life. The more I watch it, the more I love it.

Gilmore Girls Printable Wall ArtThe show is smart. The writing is witty. The characters are loveable. They live in a place called Stars Hollow, for goodness’ sake…what’s not to love?

So I had this idea that I’d create some Gilmore Girls printable wall art for my house. As soon as I started making it, I had about, oh, twelve million ideas for more fun prints like this one, but I decided to keep it simple and just start with this one quote – “Oy with the poodles, already” {Can’t you just hear Lorelei saying it as you read it??}

I’m a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, which means I’m a Netflix ambassador and get to share all of my binge watching experiences and television obsessions with you, so you can binge watch, too. This week I’m sharing this fun Gilmore Girls printable, that you can color and customize, inspired by (what else?) Gilmore Girls.

{download the printable below or by clicking right here}

Gilmore Girls Printable Wall Art


Can I customize this printable wall art? 

The best part of this printable (besides the fact that you’ll hear Lorelei in your head speaking to you every time you read it) is that you can color it however you want. I chose to color mine in rainbow colors (no joke – my mantra is, “When in doubt, RAINBOW” – printable coming soon!). But you can leave the colors white, or color them in black, or pink, or whatever else your Gilmore Girl-loving heart desires. It’s up to you!


pin showing the finished gilmore girls wall art you can color ready in a frame with title across the top

How to use this Gilmore Girls printable wall art:

I printed this on card stock and used Sharpies to color (FINALLY! A reason to use those Sharpies I bought a year ago). You can print this on whatever kind of paper you want. I recommend something heavy so that you can color on it without the paper getting crinkled or the colors leaking through. 

If you are printing at home on an ink jet printer be sure to let the ink dry before you try to color with markers or the ink will bleed and it will look at a little fuzzy! I usually print on the heaviest cardstock that my printer can handle when I’m working with wall art that needs coloring in! 

Gilmore Girls Printable Wall Art

Gilmore Girls Printable Wall Art

What is Gilmore Girls like? 

And if you haven’t watched Gilmore Girls yet…you should. I know we all have different tastes in TV and I hate to recommend something you might not like (one time, I went on and on about how awesome Kill Bill was and a friend went to see it in the theater and later told me she walked out because it was so awful…oops).

But I feel like tI can recommend this to just about anyone. I loved it from the first episode, but I could see how you might need to give it a few more to fall in love with it. So be prepared to watch it for at least three episodes before giving it your final judgement.


Gilmore Girls Printable Wall Art


Gilmore Girls is available in its entirety on Netflix. And of course, the Gilmore Girls Revival is also exclusively on Netflix. I’m only on Season 4 – I’m working hard to binge-watch on the weekends so I can get to the revival. Actually, the trailers for the revival are what inspired me to watch the show in the first place!


Gilmore Girls Printable Wall Art

You can download your Gilmore Girls printable wall art below.

Download Button

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I have always loved this quote. It’s just so fun and quirky! I feel like your colorful printable totally captures that. Thanks!

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