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Gifts for Tea Lovers

Gifts for Tea Lovers

There is something magical about tea. For years, I was a full-blown caffeine addict. Then, a few months ago, I quit it cold turkey. Crazy, and painful, yes. 

But I’m sleeping better than I have in years. YEARS, y’all.

Gifts for Tea LoversStill, I miss it. I miss the ritual of my morning tea. I miss rewarding myself with a giant glass of iced tea on a Friday afternoon. I love everything about tea, and I really hate the part about quitting caffeine that involves drinking less tea!

Gifts for Tea Lovers

Quitting caffeine doesn’t mean quitting tea, though. I’m learning about an entire world of herbal teas that bring me just as much joy as “normal” tea. I want to share some of my favorite tea (caffeinated and not!) and tea accessories here in this list of gifts for tea lovers.


Adagio Teas sent me some tea and this adorable teapot to include in this post. All opinions are my own. There are some affiliate links in this  post.

UPDATE 10/20/2018: I’m back on the caffeine. I tried! lol.

Gifts for Tea Lovers

Teapot and teacups: A teapot is the perfect gift for tea lovers. This ceramic teapot comes in several colors and it SO fun. It’s also only $14, which is a crazy good deal (and I have this one – it’s high-quality and seriously darling, y’all).

Gifts for Tea Lovers

Tea Advent Calendar: I KNOW! The cutest. 24 days of surprise tea bags! 

Premium tea in exciting flavors: There’s something about a nice cup of tea, right? Well, you can take it to another level when you try new flavors and branch out into loose-leaf teas. Here are a few I’ve tried and loved:

  • Wild Strawberry: Excellent hot or over ice, this bright red tea has strong strawberry, hibisus and apple flavor.
  • Foxtrot: With a clean, sweet taste, this is a great way to start the day.

Chocolate tea: Yep. It’s totally a thing and it is legit. In fact, I’m drinking some right this second. This is the Adagio Honeybush Chocolate. It’s caffeine-free, and it hits my chocolate cravings in all the right ways.

Chocolate Tea

Tea Strainer: Make it easy to enjoy loose-leaf teas with a pretty strainer (or two!).

Hey There Hot-Tea Mug: Drinking tea is always more fun out of a cheeky mug. 

Insulated Travel Mug: For the person on-the-go, this insulated travel mug is pretty and highly-rated, too.

Gifts for Tea Lovers

The Tea Book: This beautiful book will be fun to read but also pretty to have on display.

Tea Bag Squeezer: I didn’t even know this existed…but I’m pretty sure it would be put to good use around here!

Mug Cozy: This adorable hand-crocheted mug cozy would go great with a cute mug.

A good book: Any book will do, as long as it’s a good one and goes well with a hot cup of tea (or a cool cup and a beach!).

So, no caffeine for me…but plenty of ways to enjoy my favorite beverage nonetheless. And plenty of ways to give the gift of tea to your favorite tea-lover, too. <3

Gifts for Tea Lovers

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The teapot set is so pretty! Also love that you include a printable option!

All the tea accessories mentioned by you is super cute <3 <3
I am also caffeine addict and it is bothering me so much. I drink too much caffeine in a day . And I am having a problems like no appetite, less sleep . I am trying to quit caffeine though I truly love having every time 🙁 . And it's being difficult for me.
So caffeine free tea like you mentioned Chocolate Tea , Wild Strawberry could help me to quit caffeine intake slowly.
Thanks for sharing!

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