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Gift Ideas for Outlander Fans

Gift Ideas for Outlander Fans

As I write this post, I’m reading Seven Stones to Stand or Fall. I just googled “when will Outlander season 4 premiere?” and I’m currently catching up on interviews with my favorite author, Diana Gabaldon – author of Outlander and all things related.

Gift Ideas for Outlander Fans


You could say I’m a fan (OH! In case you need more proof, you can read here about the time I waited in line for hours to have Diana Gabaldon sign a book).

Quick notes: Seven Stones to Stand or Fall is her recent published work, full of “short” stories about the characters (LOLOL her stories are never short), Season Four premieres in November, and Diana appears to be fine and well based on the interviews I’ve watched. 

Now that we’ve cleared that up!

I’ve put together a list of gift ideas for Outlander Fans. Mostly because I am always looking for creative little Outlander trinkets to add to my own collection. But if you have an Outlander fan on your shopping list, I can promise you they will love any of these gifts.

Gift Ideas for Outlander Fans

  • Lord John and the Private Matter – I’m going to go ahead and assume that your favorite Outlander fan has already read Outlander. But have they read the Lord John books? A favorite in the Outlander universe, the Lord John books take readers down some fun storylines in John Grey’s life. 
  • Outlander Kitchen – the Outlander cookbook! Readers can make the famous recipes they read about.
  • Life-size Cardboard Jamie Fraser – I feel like this life-size Jamie would look pretty alright in my office. Don’t you agree?
  • Sassenach t-shirt – Every Sassenach and her mother will want one of these!

Gift Ideas for Outlander Fans

Those are some of my current favorite gifts for Outlander fans.

I’d love to know what you’re buying!

PS – Kind of random, but, I fell for a Facebook ad selling a “A. Malcolm Print Shop” t-shirt. So clever, I thought! And I have a print shop…so appropriate! The shirt was like $30 and I coughed it over. That’s a LOT for me to spend on a t-shirt. Well, in the spirit of keeping it real, it was super crappy quality. Stiff, scratchy, and shrunk right up. The moral of this story is, don’t fall for random Facebook ads promising awesome Outlander gifts. :::SAD FACE:::

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I’m sad your shirt purchase failed. Turn it into a throw pillow!

yess! I love Outlander – it’s one of the rare times I watched the show before reading the books. Now, I’m reading the books (currently on book 2) and loving it xx great gift ideas!

Hello my charaid! I am totally obsessed with all things Outlander and Scottish. As soon as I finish checking out all of the posts at Thursday Favorite Things, it’s straight back to book five! I can’t wait for season 4! Thanks so much for sharing this fun post at TFT!

Hi Carrie, back again to let you know I am featuring you today at Thursday Favorite Things. Have a great weekend ahead!

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