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Free Printable Thanksgiving Planner

Free Printable Thanksgiving Planner

 It’s that time of year! That time of year that we love so, so much…but also that time of year that brings stress, expenses, and crammed calendars and to-do lists. I’m talking about the holidays. But we’re going to take control of the holidays this year. Hear! Hear! This free printable Thanksgiving planner is going to help you organize, plan for, and enjoy Thanksgiving this year (also, it’s really cute…yay, sunflowers!).

This free printable Thanksgiving planner has a gorgeous sunflower theme!

Not only did I try to make this planner useful, but I also went with sunflowers for a pretty theme. I love sunflowers…they are just so happy and pretty. I checked, and they are in season through November (at least in Texas), so I went with it.

This Thanksgiving planner includes 15 pages of planning tools. There is room on each page to punch holes so you can put these in a 3-ring binder or a big Happy Planner. You can turn this into a beautiful holiday planning binder (more holidays to come), or you can add it to your Fall Meal Planning Binder.

Thanksgiving Planner Printable Pages

I put everything in this planner that I could think of. This planner includes:

  • Cover & binder strip
  • Monthly calendar page for November
  • Weekly planner page
  • Daily planner page
  • To-do list
  • Weekly meal planning page (for all the other weeks you need to meal plan for, too!)
  • Thanksgiving dinner meal planning page
  • Grocery list
  • Menu (fill it out and display where guests can see)
  • Guest list
  • “Who is bringing what?” page, so you’ll know who is bringing what!
  • Cleaning chart
  • Countdown to-do list (so you can get everything that needs to be done in a timely manner)
  • Budget (feedling everyone is expensive, y’all!)
  • Place cards (cut out and fill in names so guests will know where to sit – cute AND you can avoid family drama by seating everyone)
  • Note page

Everything is super fun and pretty to look at, but also extremely functional!

How to put your printable Thanksgiving planner together

First you’ll want to download the file, which you can do by clicking the big black and white “download” button towards the bottom of this page, or by clicking here.

Go through the files and pick out the pages you want. Print out those pages (you may just want a few of them – print as many as you need to get started). You can keep them in a folder if you don’t have a hole punch, or punch holes for a 3-ring binder or BIG Happy Planner. You can also add divider tabs if you want to section your planner off into categories like dinner, shopping, budgeting, etc.

I’ll share some of the tools I use here:

  • Paper (I actually have this paper on subscription from Amazon – I get a couple reams sent to me automatically every two months, it is beautiful for planners)
  • 3-hole punch
  • Binder (this is the cutest one I could find AND it vibes with this planner, but it doesn’t have a clear window to use the cover with – you can find one at Walmart for around $3 if you want the clear window)
  • Dividers (again, you can find some cheap ones at Walmart…but these are super cute – I have them)


Download your free printable fall meal planning binder by clicking here or on the black and white “download” button below. Have trouble? Shoot me an email and I’ll get you the file! Love it? Please (pretty please!) share (and tag me if you do, I’d love to see it – I’m @carrieelleblog on IG and FB). 


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