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Free Halloween Printables (Spoooooooky!)

Free Halloween Printables (Spoooooooky!)

Today I have some free Halloween printables for you, and it’s all because of Jack.

Last year, Jack told me that we didn’t have enough Halloween decorations. That our house didn’t measure up to his standards of appropriate Halloween decor, which apparently include inflatable pumpkins on the front lawn, ghosts hanging from our tree (which is really just a sapling), and of course, Halloween lights (which are like Christmas lights, but orange). Our front yard is the size of a postage stamp – I don’t think an inflatable pumpkin would even fit on our lawn. But, I am doing my best to come up with some fun decorations for a holiday I was mostly ambivalent towards before having kids. 

Any why buy decorations when I can make them?

Halloween is fun, but I don’t like scary stuff – and my kids are way too young for anything really scary. We do “spooky” around here (and by spooky, I really mean cute and cartoon-y). So with that in mind, I hope you’ll get some use out of these free Halloween printables!

Free Halloween Printables (framed)


I made a few frames (ModPodge and glitter and paint, woohoo!) and used those to show off the printables – I’m sure someone more creative than I could think of other cute uses for them, too.

The ones I printed are 4×6, but I designed them to print at 5×7, and really, they should be fine even bigger.

Simply click on the image to download (and if you make something with them, be sure to let me know – I’d love to hear about it!).

Free Halloween Printable Happy Halloween

Free Halloween Printable Crow

Free Halloween Printable Decoration Spooky

Free Halloween Printable Decoration Frankenstein

Free Halloween Printable Decoration Pumpkins

I hope you enjoy these – they were super fun to make, and luckily a huge hit with the kids, too – even though it means I will probably be looking at Halloween decorations for the next six weeks.

You can find my other free printables here.

If you like printables, I’ve got more coming your way. Be sure to connect with me on FacebookTwitter, or Pinterest to be the first to know (I also have a board for Printables on Pinterest)!


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Thanks for sharing! These are so perfect for decorating for cheap!


These are so cute!!

Thanks for sharing at my weekly linky party this week! I shared your great post with my FB page and I am going to pin it before it leave! Great way to decorate for Halloween on the cheap!

I always feel like I don’t have enough Halloween decorations either! Thanks for sharing! xx #ourminilinkyparty

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