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Free Activities for Kids at Your Local Disney Store

Free Activities for Kids at Your Local Disney Store

Last week, we did something awesome. We attended a fun media event with some of my favorite local bloggers at the Stonebriar Centre Mall Disney store to celebrate the release of Planes: Fire and Rescue. You guys – this was the first time I’ve ever taken the kids to a Disney store, and you can probably guess what their reactions were like. 

Yeah. They LOVED it.

I loved it, too (who doesn’t love Disney, right?)…and I was *super* excited to learn that Disney stores everywhere are hosting free in-store activities for kids all summer long!

Waiting to get inside Disney store

Waiting to get in…and Jack has spotted the Star Wars display.

Free Disney Store Activities

We were at the store specifically to learn about Disney’s newest movie, Planes: Fire and Rescue. And with a kid who loves planes, fire trucks, and rescue vehicles, this was very exciting, indeed. But the first thing we got to do was check out the store and all the fun TOYS. So basically, I had one kid in the Star Wars section and the other perusing through the princess dresses.

Disney Store Star Wars toys


Princess dresses


Disney Planes Toy

Claire loved the Planes: Fire and Rescue fan!

After touching, we got to learn more about the Planes: Fire and Rescue movie. We were also able to enjoy one of the summer play day activities available at all Disney stores, and the kids loved this unique chance to learn more about their favorite characters from Planes: Fire and Rescue. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you can watch it here (be sure to watch with the kids…it’s pretty cute, and I know they will love it!).

After watching the trailer, the fabulous staff members read the kids a story and then led them all through “Pilot Training” class, where they practiced “flying” low to the ground, had target practice, and performed a search and rescue drill (kind of like a hide-and-seek around the store). It was super cute, the kids loved it, and everyone got a certificate, stickers, and a balloon at the end of the activity.

Story time at the Disney store

Story time!

The best part is, everyone can enjoy the free Disney store activities! You can see the full schedule of events (and find a store near you) here. There is one more week of Planes: Fire and Rescue activities, so if you have a little plane lover in the house, be sure to check it out.

Between the movie, the fun activities at the Disney store, and the fun new Planes: Fire and Rescue toys, there are lots of ways for your kids to get their Planes fix. But it doesn’t stop there. You can download the Planes: Fire and Rescue app and kids can join Dusty as he leaves behind racing to battle wildfires. Kids will love reading along and playing games on the new app!

New Disney Planes Toys

New toys! So fun.

I’m hoping to take the kids to see the movie next week, and am planning on making at least one more in-store play day event before the summer ends.

What about you? Are your kiddos excited to see Planes: Fire and Rescue?



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Fun! We used to have a Disney Store in our mall, but they closed it years ago. 🙁 I’m still bitter over that one.

That sounds fun! I’ll have to check the schedule…there’s a store about 20 min away. I was thinking of taking the kids to see the movie this week…not sure if we have time with all the craziness here though!

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