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Food Options at Hawaiian Falls

Food Options at Hawaiian Falls

I’m a Hawaiian Falls blogger. I’ll be sharing promotions, helpful information and tips about our local Hawaiian Falls in Garland. All opinions are my own.

One of the great things about having season passes to Hawaiian Falls is that we can take the kids whenever we want, and it’s okay if we only go for a couple of hours because we can always go back again. In fact, most times, we get there in the morning (you can get in to the park early if you’re a season pass holder) and leave around lunchtime.

Hawaiian Falls GarlandThis time, we decided to stay for lunch.

Hawaiian Falls GarlandYou have a few options for eating at Hawaiian Falls – and if you don’t have season passes, or if you want to make a day out of your visit, you’re going to need to eat while you’re there!

There is a restaurant called Sharkey’s on-site. Combo meals range from $5-12 in price. The kids have options like a hot dog or PB&J (it’s an Uncrustable) and chips with a drink. For the grown-ups (or big kids!), there are choices like pizza, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and pulled pork. 

Hawaiian Falls GarlandThe other option is to bring in your own food. While the prices at Sharkey’s are reasonable for a water park, if you’re going to spend all day there, you’ll likely want to have some snacks and drinks with you. 

You are welcome to bring your own food to Hawaiian Falls in a cooler – just be aware that you’ll need to buy a cooler pass. The cooler passes are $15 and let you bring in any size cooler, which makes it a great option if you’ve got a large family or a lot of kids who will need snack breaks throughout the day!

Hawaiian Falls is also located next to a wide variety of restaurants in Garland. If you wanted to grab some food after you leave (or before you get there), you’ll find lots of options within minutes of the park.

I’ll keep you posted as new promotions and deals pop up. Be sure to join me on Facebook for the latest!

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