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Election Books for Kids

Election Books for Kids

Before I share this collection of election books for kids, I have to share a funn story with you.

Last week, my seven-year-old came home school and told me, excitedly, that he was voted class president. This isn’t a real role…rather, it was a chance for the kids to learn about elections and the voting process.

He could hardly contain his excitement, though, and I asked him what he had done to win.

“I promised everyone it would easier to get to a blue, harder to get to a yellow, and that we’d have one day less of homework each week. And I promised them all Pokemon cards,” he finished. Then, sheepishly, he said, “So, can I borrow $2? Because I need to buy everyone Pokemon cards now.”

Basically, he won the election by making promises he can’t keep, bribing his constituents, and going into debt. JACK FOR PRESIDENT!

On a more serious note, though, the upcoming election has been a source of much conversation in this house. With a kid who loves history (and reads history books for fun), elections and politics sort of fall into his wheelhouse of interests by default.

Today I want to share some great election books for kids. These can be a great way to start a conversation or go more in-depth into the whole election process (which is confusing!).

Best Election Books for Kids

The Kid Who Ran for President, by Dan Gutman – This chapter book is a fun story about 12-year-old Judson Moon and his run for the Presidency.

Honest Abe’s Guide to President Elections, by Jack Silbert (grades 3-5) – This book breaks down the election process into easy-to-understand categories, and to be honest (ha), I probably need to read this myself. 

What is the Declaration of Independence? by Michael C. Harris – This is a chapter book, and is part of the New York Times Best-Selling “What Is” Series. This book explains how and why we have the Declaration of Independence. It also has lots of drawings and pictures, which I know some kids love!

Grace for President, by Kelly DiPucchio – This timely book tells the story of Grace, who realizes there haven’t been any women presidents…and then proceeds to run for class president, despite being up against a boy who seems perfect for the job. This is one of my daughter’s favorite books!

The Night Before Election Day, by Natasha Wing – Told for young children, this book includes stickers, so you know you’ll have their attention!

What’s the Big Deal About Elections, by Ruby Shamir – This book is full of fun facts and trivia about voting. It also goes into why it’s important!

The Electoral College: A Kid’s Guide, by Cari Meister – I need this one for me! This book is geared towards middle grade kids and explaing what the electoral college is and how it works.

If I Ran for President, by Catherine Stier – Kids will learn a lot about being President in this book…not only what the office entails, but what goes into running a campaign.




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This would be great for my 6 yr old daughter.

My boy loves to read!

Right now my kids are all about Piggie and Gerald books!

My students LOVE nonfiction books of all sorts. I know they would enjoy this prize pack.

My little one loves books with lots of colors and rhyming words. She likes reading along 🙂

My niece is big on The Magic Treehouse books right now.

I’m about to post a weeks worth of election themed posts at but happened to miss out on kids books. I’ll add this to my fandayfriday list!

Thanks for posting this at the Our Mini Linky Party for me to find!

My granddaughter loves the The Seventh Wish by Kate Messner .

My kids are fascinated by this election..they’d love this!

My daughter is enjoying the babysitters club books right now.

My daughter loves any and all books about animals! 🙂 We have been reading a lot of National Geographic Kids lately.

The Borrowers by Mary Norton

I am a teacher and so we read everything and have tons of great books, but there are always more to read!

My daughter’s favorite book is about Cheetahs

They love Harry Potter

MMy oldest daughter loves mystery books, my middle daughter is into the babysitter club books right now, and my twins love almost any book for young children about animals.

the Harry Potter series

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