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$5, 5-Minute Craft: Easy St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

$5, 5-Minute Craft: Easy St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

You know what the best kind of crafts are? Cheap and easy ones.

Easy St. Patrick's Day WreathThis craft couldn’t get any cheaper or easier. I made it for $5 using products from Dollar General. It took me five minutes (tops) to make the whole thing, from start to finish. This easy St. Patrick’s Day wreath can dress up your front door or hang inside the house. Either way, it’s cute, doesn’t take any time to make, and is an easy way to dress up the house a bit for St. Patrick’s Day.

{Random side note…I don’t do much for St. Patrick’s Day. I am still feeling the effects of Christmas, and New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day…getting this wreath done is a huge deal for me!}

Easy St. Patrick's Day WreathHere’s what you need to make it (my mom actually made one of these for Valentine’s Day…she picked up these items for me at Dollar General so I could make one, too!):

  • Three scarves ($1 each at Dollar General)
  • One wire wreath frame (14″, also $1)
  • Ribbon

That’s it – five simple items!

Easy St. Patrick's Day WreathThe best part is, you can easily remove the scarves and ribbon and reuse the frame for every holiday. SO EASY, y’all.

Here’s how to make it.

Grab a scarf and tie it around the wire frame.Easy St. Patrick's Day WreathMove the knot to the back of the frame so you can’t see it from the front. 

Easy St. Patrick's Day WreathWrap the scarf around the frame until you reach the end of the scarf. At this point, tie the next scarf to it and keep going. Position the knot so it’s behind the frame. 

Easy St. Patrick's Day WreathRepeat with the last scarf.

When you get to the end, tie the end of the last scarf around the first scarf, also in the back of the frame (where you started).

Easy St. Patrick's Day WreathAdd a big ribbon with a bow, and VOILA. You. Are. Done.

Easy St. Patrick's Day Wreath

Easy St. Patrick's Day WreathHopefully, you have better bow-tying skills than I do. I legit cannot tie a pretty bow to save my life. Clearly.

Easy St. Patrick's Day Wreath

Switch out the scarves and ribbon each holiday for an easy update to your home or seasonal decor (honestly, I can’t get it together enough to have seasonal decor…I barely have normal decor…but in theory, I would love to decorate for the seasons).

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Pretty and such a creative idea to use a scarf!

I love how simple this is!! Pinned and Stumbled to share. Thanks for stopping by this week to share with us at Brag About It! Have a great week!

That’s great. I love the idea of being able to change it out for different holidays!
Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday!

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