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Easy DIY Star Wars Valentines (Free Printable Included!)

Easy DIY Star Wars Valentines (Free Printable Included!)

The only problem with making our own valentines is that if I do it for one kid, I’ve got to do it for the other kid, too. And of course, they have different interests and are different ages – so we ended up making two different valentines this year.

Actually, the kids fought over who got which ones. Claire originally wanted the lego valentines I did for Jack…but she’s in a class of three-year-olds, and I didn’t want to send home choking hazards to all of the kids in her class. Her next choice was Star Wars. 

These DIY Star Wars valentines were super easy to make – and inexpensive, too (cheap and easy is how I roll)!

Yoda ValentinesI chose an Angry Birds Star Wars theme, but only because when I searched Amazon for cheap Star Wars goodies, these cute little Angry Birds Star Wars erasers came up. You could use any little Star Wars goodie or treat!

Angry Birds Star Wars

Here’s what you need:

  • Free printable (included – scroll down to download). There are two sheets –  Side A and Side B. Each sheet has 6 Valentines on it. Print out Side A and then return the pages to the printer to print Side B. If you print these actual size, they will be 2.75″ across, which is the perfect size for the little baggies I used. To make the process even easier, just print the side with Yoda and don’t bother printing the second side.
  • Baggies – I bought these at Michael’s. They were 3″ x 4″ and cost maybe $.99. 
  • Washi tape (but really, any tape will do)
  • Star Wars goodie or treat for each bag

I bought these Angry Bird Star Wars erasers on Amazon. 24 erasers cost less than $10.

DIY Yoda ValentinesHave your child write their name on the valentines (or do it for them because they are three-years-old and their writing looks like a mysterious Star Wars hieroglyphic), cut them out, stick a valentine in each baggie with an eraser (this I DID let the three-year-old do!) and seal with some washi.

You can download Side A (the side with Yoda) here.

You can download Side B (the side with just the frame) here.

DIY Star Wars ValentinesAnd be sure to check out my other simple Valentines Day crafts and valentine ideas:

For other fun DIY Valentine ideas, check out my Pinterest board below. And I’d love to have you join me on Facebook!


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I love that Claire is into Star Wars! super cute idea…pinning!

These are so cute! I really need to get my butt in gear and get my kids valentines ready.

These are adorable!! Such a cute idea!

I didn’t buy enough Valentine’s for H’s class. Thank you so much for offering these as a free printable! I was able to correct my deficit with your adorable printables. You’re my life saver tonight, and yes I am doing Valentines last minute. <3

My son is absolutely obsessed with them! He’s been chanting and giggling “Yoda best….” all evening. Thanks for a simple printable. That’s exactly what i need this year!

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