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DIY Colorful Pom Pom Christmas Tree


Every year, I make a cool Christmas tree craft. My favorites are the M&M Christmas trees and the Darth Vader Christmas tree, but I also love this button tree (kid-friendly!) and one made out of mini pinecones that I never got around to blogging about. I’ve been trying to figure out what this year’s Christmas tree would look like for weeks now! 

DIY Pom Pom Christmas Tree

It finally came to me, and when it did, I was so excited about them that I couldn’t get these made fast enough. These DIY pom pom Christmas trees are everything I hoped they would be and more (they’ve inspired some bathroom decor…but that’s another post entirely!). 

DIY Pom Pom Christmas Tree

Don’t forget to pin it for later! 🙂

Colorful Pom Pom Christmas TreesTruth be told, the pom poms are smaller than I expected them to be. This is my fault…the measurements were clearly stated on Amazon and they even had a picture of someone holding one. But in my head? They were bigger. In case you’re wondering if this took forever with all those little pom poms, the answer is…kind of.

The first tree took awhile, partially because I had the kids trying to help, I kept burning myself (blisters!) with my glue gun, and I didn’t have a system down. But as soon as I got into a rhythym, I lost track of time and these became therapeutic…honestly, when I finished the last one I felt like I’d just meditated for an hour. So there’s that.

Colorful Pom Pom Christmas TreesHere’s what you need to make them:

Colorful Pom Pom Christmas TreesHere’s how to make them:

Hold the cone by the top. With your glue gun, apply a strip of glue to the base of the cone (just a few inches long – if it’s too long, it will dry before you get done gluing the pom poms).

Colorful Pom Pom Christmas TreesThe pom poms are persnickety little balls of fluff and kind of hard to manage. I found that the best thing to do was pour a bunch out onto a plate or a flat surface and grab them one at a time. BE CAREFUL as you stick them in the glue…they wiggle around and they’re tiny and the glue is hot.

I may have screamed so loud when my fingers accidentally ended up with a large amount of hot glue attached to them that my six-year-old started to cry. :-/ The good news is that I quickly amended my gluing method and got into a groove. #problemsolver

Once you get a little over halfway down the tree, flip it over and continue gluing with the top right-side up. You’ll see what I mean and you’ll know when it’s time to flip it over.

Colorful Pom Pom Christmas Trees

Colorful Pom Pom Christmas TreesI wanted bows for the top, so I tied a bow and hot glued it to a toothpick, and then stuck it in the top of the tree.

Colorful Pom Pom Christmas Trees

DIY Pom Pom Christmas TreeI left these trees “trunk-less,” but if you want to see how I’ve added a base/trunk to other trees, see what I did here with the Darth Vader tree base.

I’ll be adding this to my Christmas tree collection that sits on my mantel every year. Actually, I may need to find more room now that I have these…I think my collection has expanded enough to need a new home!

These turned out cuter than I had hoped – if you make your own, be sure to share it on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram! 🙂 

A couple other DIY Christmas tree ideas:

See all of my other DIY Christmas trees below (click on the photos to go to the tutorial).

Darth Vader Christmas Tree

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