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Gift Ideas for Little Dinosaur Lovers

Gift Ideas for Little Dinosaur Lovers

Both of my kids think dinosaurs are AWESOME. Jack, particularly, went through a phase where it was ALL dinosaurs, ALL the time. Although this has subsided (kind of…), he still loves learning about, playing with, and reading about dinosaurs.

DinosaursDinosaurs are pretty cool, so I totally understand.

There are a LOT of fun dinosaur products out there, and I’ve put together a list of my favorite dinosaur gift ideas for little kids (including toys, books, and shows!).

Dinosaur Gift Ideas for Little Kids

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Dino Toys

1. Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex Action Figure – Jack has this toy, and although it’s really geared towards pre-school age kids (he’s almost seven-years-old), he LOVES this toy. LOVES it.

2. Imaginext Ultra T-Rex – I saw this toy at a recent holiday toy event, and I can promise you this thing is HUGE and your dino-loving kid will love it (it has a jail to put the bad guys in…inside the dinosaur). You can see more pictures of this toy here

3. Dino-Opoly Monopoly Board Game – Older dinosaur lovers will get excited about this dinosaur monopoly game!

4. Brachiosaurus Wooden Puzzle – This also doubles as a cute little statue or piece of art!

5. Dinosaur Train on DVD – Both of my kids love Dinosaur Train (Dinosaurs! Trains!). Each episode also features Dr. Scott the Paleontologist, who shares interesting, kid-friendly dino facts. You can find episodes of Dinosaur Train on Amazon Prime and, too!

6. Smithsonian Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs kit – Kids can dig for their very own T-Rex in this cool kit!

7. T-Rexcavator Dinosaur Excavation Game – This is kind of like Operation, but you’re trying to extract dinosaur bones!

8. Jurassic World Coloring Book Set with Stickers – Stickers! This is fun for kids of all ages.

9. National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs – You know it’s going to be awesome because it’s National Geographic.

10. Animal Planet Grow Eggs – Kids can hatch and grow their own dinosaurs.

11. Magic Creations Bath Playset – This dinosaur play set is for the bath – the cute foam dinosaurs stick to the tub!

12. How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday? book – I recommend ANY of the “How do Dinosaurs…” books – they are SO fun.

What dinosaur toys do your kids love?
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A-MAZ-ING! Love this – pinned and stumbled! 😉

These are great! My 2.5 yr old LOVES dinosaurs!! I’ll have to add these to his list 🙂

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