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December Journal Prompts, Affirmations, and Printables

December Journal Prompts, Affirmations, and Printables

Welcome back, journalers! I am so glad you’re here. Journaling is a practice in my own life that has helped my find clarity, peace, and growth. I hope to share that with you here in a way that makes it simple, sustainable, and enjoyable. These December journal prompts and journaling printables were made with love (and a little help from the universe!), and will guide you through the month and help you start or grow your own journaling practice. 

December is a great time of year for journaling. Despite all the activities around the holidays, I find that December is a time when people reflect deeply and start work out how they want the next year to look. It’s a magical time, for many reasons.

You can find previous month’s prompts here (you can do any of these prompts at any time…some prompts have a seasonal feel to them, but they will translate well to any month):

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December Journal Prompts

I have provided 31 prompts – one for each day of the month. You can go through the list in order, mix it all up, or skip the prompts entirely that don’t interest you. You may find that one prompt really resonates with you and want to journal on that for several days, or even for the entire month. Remember that journaling is very personal and that there is no “formula” for doing it right. Most of my own journaling involves just writing out my thoughts and feelings based on things I was feeling, something I experienced, or something that I needed to work out in my head and heart.

How to Use These December Journal Prompts

There is no right or wrong. You may find yourself journaling for pages and pages on one prompt, and only writing down a word or a short sentence for another. That’s totally okay!  This is your journal, and your journey.

Some of these prompts have a spiritual feel. That’s because for me, journaling is a spiritual practice. However, if that word doesn’t resonate with you just replace anything of that nature with “highest self” – that is really what we are all working towards here. 

I do recommend incorporating a gratitude practice into your journaling practice. All you need to do is write down one thing you’re grateful for each day (although you can certainly write down as many as feels right – here’s a lot more help if you are new to gratitude journaling!).

How to Use These December Affirmations

I have included a printable page of affirmations for you, as well as a place in the printable journaling packet that encourages you to write your own affirmations. You can write them down (I always recommend this) and/or say them out loud. Saying them out loud is very powerful! You can also use these as a mantra if you meditate, or just as reminders to yourself throughout the day. You can read this post about how to use affirmations for more help – I really believe in affirmations and think they have a place in your journaling practice, too! 🙂

Here are your December Affirmations:

  • I am surrounded by magic.
  • I am not afraid to go deep.
  • I project love.
  • I have the answers I need inside of me.

What Type of Journal to Use

Again – no rules here! Use whatever journal you like the best. I have included journaling printables here. You may want to use these (as you’ll see, I have one for “long form” journaling and one for shorter entries). I’ll be releasing new ones every month, so you may want to use these and keep them together in a binder or folder. Or you can use any notebook you have around the house. Some people like to keep a digital journal (hmmm…like a BLOG!), or just keep a file on their laptop. I type a lot faster than I write, but I always use a pen and paper to journal with. It just feels more cleansing to me.

If you’re looking for a Dot Grid Journal, we make and sell a beautiful one (I am totally biased, but I made these specifically because I was dreaming about a journal just like this…so I made one). You can use code CEJOURNAL for $5 off any Dot Grid Journals (they are made in Texas and have the most beautiful paper!). 

You don’t need anything fancy or expensive to get started though. Truly, all you need is a place to write. <3 

I have written out all 30 of the prompts below. You can download the October Journal Prompts, along with the Journaling Printables, at the bottom of this post. 

You can download the Journal Prompts here. 🙂 

Journal Prompts for December

How does December’s energy feel to you?

Does December bring up any issues for you?

How can you go deep within this month?

How can you share your light with the people around you?

How can you send love to everyone, even people you’ve never met?

What is your current favorite thing to eat?

Who can you talk to when you need someone to listen?

What are you grateful for today?

How does your family make you feel?

What is something powerful you’ve read lately?

What do you love to do the very most?

How can you respond to someone you disagree with from a place of love and compassion?

When is the last time you tried something new?

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

What is something you can do to practice presence the next time you feel anxious or worried?

What can you do to show your home that you love it?

What can you do to show your body that you love it?

Write down three affirmations that feel meaningful to you, right now.

When is the last time you felt entirely at peace?

Who can you forgive? How does the idea of forgiveness feel?

How can you receive love from yourself and those around you?

What book are you reading right now (or what book did you most recently finish)?

Write about your day today. 

What way have you experienced spirit lately? If you don’t want to use the word spirit, you can use it interchangeable with love, peace, or understanding.

What is something magical that has happened to you this month?

Do you feel lonely?

When you feel lonely, how can you connect with others?

When you feel joy, how can you spread that joy to others?

When you feel sad, how can you acknowledge and honor that feeling?

When you are having a low-energy day, how can you use that feeling to reset and recharge?

What wondeful things await you in the future?

December Journal Prompts CarrieElle

You can download the Journal Prompts here. 🙂 

You can also download by clicking on the black and white download button below. Have trouble? Shoot me an email and I will send you the files.



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