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Couch to 5K Printable Tracker (A5 & 8.5×11)

Couch to 5K Printable Tracker (A5 & 8.5×11)

Hi, friends! Katy here, and I’m back to chat about running again! And this time I have an awesome Couch to 5k Printable for you! The C25k Printable comes in an A5 size and an 8.5” x 11” so you can print it out and put it into whatever size planner or notebook you use!

Printable C25K Tracker A5 and 8.5x11

My big running goal for 2019 was to run one 5k race every month for the entire year. I’ve mentioned before that I ran my very first 5k just a month before making this goal and at that point it felt crazy. But I just got January’s 5k under my belt and I know I’m going to hit the 12-5ks-in-12-months goal. Why would a person want to pay actual money to get up early and run a race with 1000 other people?

You guys, 5ks are fun! The races are usually themed, the energy level is out of control, and there is usually a pretty sweet medal and some cool swag at the end. And to be completely honest, the feeling of accomplishment I have at the end is like nothing else. To know that I put in the work, prepped for the race, showed up for myself, and finished the run is just good.

Couch to 5k Printable

Printable C25K Tracker A5 and 8.5x11

There are some fast runners at these races – you know the ones. The guys that pass you on the loop back and finish in under 20 minutes without breaking a sweat. But the majority of runners are like me: middle of the road, somewhere in the 30-40 minute range, lungs on fire and endorphins blazing finishers.

All that matter is that you’re running! 

Who can run a 5k?

You can run a 5k. Your mom can run a 5k. Your 9 year old son can run a 5k. You can run a 5k. Believe me. If I can do it, you can do it. I believe in you! And today I’m going to let you in on my secret to running my very first 5k – the Couch to 5K program.

What is the Couch to 5k Program?

Printable C25K Tracker A5 and 8.5x11

Simply put, the Couch to 5k Program is an awesome running program designed to get pretty much anybody 5k-ready (or at least “run 30 minutes straight” ready) in just 9 weeks. It focuses on run-walk intervals that increase over the period of the program to build up your fitness and stamina and reduce your risk of injury.

Couch to 5k focuses on consistency and incremental increases until your body and muscles (and mind!) are able to run a full 5k. It is not a program where you get off the couch on week one and run three miles. That is dangerous and pretty much promises an injury. Don’t do that.

How do I start the Couch to 5k Program?

Honestly? You just need to make the decision to start. But if you need more direction than that, I’ll be happy to give you a couple more steps.

First, print out this handy Couch to 5k printable. It’s free! And you can print it out in full 8.5×11 size or A5 size.

Printable C25K Tracker A5 and 8.5x11

Second, lace up your shoes on start on day 1, run 1.

That’s it! If you’re a goal-focused person like I am, go ahead and google “local 5k” in your city and pony up the $25 fee for a race that’s a couple of months out. It will give you something to aim for, a feeling of accomplishment when you finish, and a sweet medal to commemorate your first 5k.

You can do this! Now, fire up your printer, lace up your shoes, and let’s go! I hope you love this Couch to 5k Printable and the it helps you achieve your goal of getting off the couch and running a 5k!

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Download your C25k tracker below! 

If you have any trouble, just email us and we’ll shoot you a copy! 


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Hi! I’m trying to print the Couch to 5k printable but it’s not letting me any where that I look and try. Thank you!

There should be a black “download” button at the bottom of the post. If you don’t see it, shoot me an email at [email protected] and I’ll email you the files!

What are these cute binders you have with all of your printable pages!? I especially love the gold one with the pockets in the front left!

I think I got that one at Michaels! I got the pink one on Amazon. Those are A5 size.

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