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Chili con Queso Recipe and Family Traditions with Wolf Brand Chili

Chili con Queso Recipe and Family Traditions with Wolf Brand Chili

My in-laws came to Jack’s soccer game this morning. As we watched the kids chase the ball up and down the field (have you ever been to a soccer game for three and four-year-olds before? Good times…), my mother-in-law asked me what plans I had for the weekend. I told her we were spending much of the day at birthday parties, but would be spending the afternoon cooking up a recipe to share with my readers.

“Oh!” she said. “Wolf Brand Chili is delicious. It’s been around a long time…I remember eating it when I was a kid.” 

If you read my blog regularly, you know I often share my mother-in-laws’s (Grammie’s) recipes, so of course I asked how she liked to eat it and if they used to serve it a special way.

“It’s so good,” she said. “We always just ate it plain with crackers. It’s a well-known Texas brand!” (I should add here that she’s also a fourth generation Texan, so when it comes to Texas – she knows her stuff). 


She will be happy to know that Wolf Brand Chili is even better than the version she ate as a child – after humble beginnings in Corsicana, Texas, over 100 years ago, Wolf Brand Chili is still going strong and now thicker and heartier than ever (just the way Texans like it – yeeeeehaw, y’all!).

{Interesting sidenote: Wolf Brand Chili was named after an actual wolf. Kaiser Bill was the pet wolf of Lyman T. Davis, one of the masterminds behind Wolf Brand Chili. When it came time to start canning their chili, a local photographer suggested Kaiser Bill be on the label.}

It really is thick and hearty, as we noticed when we cracked open the cans of chili. It was perfect for our Texas-Style Chili Con Queso Dip recipe (which, in turn, is perfect for game day get-togethers and any function that requires a delicious dip – and all functions require a delicious dip, right?).

This dip was a huge (as in, Texas-size HUGE) hit. My husband (who came up with the recipe) shared with the neighbors and saved a bunch for tomorrow’s game (Go Cowboys!). I think you’ll love it, too.

Wolf Brand Chili Dip Recipe

Wolf Brand Chili Dip Recipe

Texas-Style Chili Con Queso with Wolf Brand Chili

Created By Carrie
This delicious dip has just enough kick - it will be a huge hit at your next party!
Total Time 20 mins


  • Two 15-oz. cans of Wolf Brand Chili NO BEANS any flavor, but we used one can of Hot and one can of Regular
  • 1 block of processed cheese product
  • 3 jalapenos
  • 1 orange bell pepper
  • 1 sweet onion
  • 2 tablespoons San Antonio Dark Chili Powder any will work, though
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil


  • Chop onion, jalapenos and bell pepper.
  • Saute over medium heat with the oil.
  • Once soft, add chili, chili powder, and block of cheese.
  • Stir on medium-low heat until cheese is melted (it doesn't take long...just 15 minutes or so).
  • Serve while warm.
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According to hubby Charles (who admittedly likes food a little on the “kicky” side), this spicy dip is so delicious, it could be served in a restaurant.

It’s fun to think that my kids (who are sixth-generations Texans, by the way!) get to experience the same quality product that their Grammie enjoyed when she was their age. 

I imagine their grandkids will be enjoying it, too.




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I like mine with a lot of cheese and sour cream 🙂 i want some now.

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