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What is a Memory Planner?

Memory Planning is one of those weird terms…I mean, how do you plan for a memory? But that’s the term that planner addicts (me! me!) everywhere have started using to describe a new planning craze that I love. Read on to see how I use my Perpetual Planner as a Memory Planner! What is a …

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27 Uses for Scrapbook Paper

Back in the old days (basically, the “old days” refers to my life before kids, which seems like forever ago), I used to scrapbook. A lot. Today I use a Memory Planner, but I have maintained my obsession and compulsive buying habits when it comes to scrapbook paper. I don’t even want to tell you how …

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Washi Tape Planner Ideas

Washi is one of my favorite planner tools. It’s super handy and versatile, and you can get it in so many different prints…it’s impossible to have too much. Also, side note…my dogs love to eat my washi. I use it all the time for photos, and I swear to you, they sneak in and eat …

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